Sting 11 B Class Sterilizers – Introduction

Sting 11 B Class Sterilizers - Autoclave

  • Easy to use – one touch operation.
  • Fast and economical – sterilization cycles from 21 minutes with advanced water and energy saving systems.
  • Mobile – plug & play concept.
  • Efficient – load up to 6 trays or 4 cassettes.
  • Best solution – for private and dental clinics.

Sting 11B and Sting 11B Premium are fully automatic high-speed pre & post vacuum steam sterilizers, designed with the highest quality for sterilization of wrapped materials, hollow instruments and porous loads in hospitals, private and dental clinics.

The Sting 11B bench-top sterilizer family is equipped with a 23-liter chamber made of stainless steel 316L, a built-in steam generator and a powerful vacuum pump, together with an energy saving system which reduces power consumption by 30%.

Through the numerous safety features, the Sting 11B sterilizers meet the highest standards and requirements for quality, safety and operation. The sterilizers have a fully automatic door locking system, enabling the opening and closing only by pressing a button.

Additionally to the stand-alone unit, a water purification system is available in order to improve the quality of the water and to avoid the need to manually refill the water reservoirs. Each cycle can be documented by the printer which records the cycle parameters or can be collected through an SD card.


English flyer: Celitron – Bench Top Steam Sterilizers – Sting 11B Class Sterilizers

Spanish flyer: Celitron – Esterilizadores de Vapor de Sobremesa – Serie Sting 11 Clase B

Hungarian flyer: Celitron – Asztali Gőzsterilizálók – Sting 11 B Termékcsalád