Our cannabis waste recycling solution

We are providing a new solution for cannabis disposal for manufacturers. Our solution is based on our ISS (Integrated Sterilizer & Shredder) technology, of which we've sold more than 400+ medical waste treatment units worldwide.

  • Easy to Operate – No need for special technician qualification.
  • Cost-effective - Inexpensive operation and maintenance.
  • Safe - Automatic locking door mechanism.
  • Patented technology – a unique cutting solution.

With our new solution all the leftover marijuana, expired cannabis, unused oils, extracts and tests can be disposed of fast and safely.

On-site marijuana waste recycling

In the US, any cultivator that generates 2 or more cubic yards of cannabis waste per week must find a recycling solution, which usually means transporting it to a licensed facility and using outside pick-up services. But what if we told you could also choose Celitron’s on-site cannabis waste shredder?

With its powerful blades, it can effectively shred all marijuana and cannabis waste, and even reduce it as low as 20% its original size, making it much easier to recycle as an organic soil fertilizer that is rich in nutrients. By completely pulverizing and processing all parts of the cannabis plant (roots, stems, stalks), the waste can then be transferred to special fermenting bins.

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Essentially, using Celitron’s shredder for cannabis/marijuana waste recycling is a WIN-WIN solution both for you and the environment. By using this method coupled with further fermentation, you will be able to turn great quantities of organic waste into a quality fertilizer you can recycle back into your own soil, or even start selling it to other cultivators for a profit! Not mention much less waste gets dumped into landfills.

The legalized cannabis industry is growing, and recycling the generated organic waste can definitely lead to a lot of benefits for those involved in this industry. All you need is the right equip to do so: choose Celitron’s machine to reach the next step in easier cannabis waste recycling!

Those working in the cannabis/marijuana industry will need an efficient waste disposal solution

Recreational, and especially medical cannabis use have been legalized in most states in the US, and many other parts in the world: even countries in South America, South Africa, Europe, and Australia have made it legal to use marijuana for medicinal purposes with a doctor’s recommendation. However, as it is the case with practically any other industry, a larger “consumer base” also means more waste being generated.

Those who intend to profit from the legalized cannabis industry are bound by law to find an efficient, sustainable marijuana waste disposal solution, just like any other major producer in other industries, or large medical facilities who generate biomedical waste.

Cannabis/marijuana waste needs to be appropriately rendered and processed before it can be transported for the final disposal phase in a certified facility. You could choose to compost it as well, but this isn’t the only method out there: rendering it with the appropriate equipment can be much more practical.

Are cannabis waste shredders the best way to handle organic waste disposal?

No matter what method you choose to use, cannabis waste must be “unrecognizable” after being processed. The problem is that without the right marijuana waste disposal solution, this process can create potential safety issues for all who are involved in the removal process: cultivators without access to more modern equipment might use bleach or mix the waste with potentially hazardous waste in order for it fit guidelines that are still not clearly defined in this growing industry.

Cannabis waste shredders and granulating machines on the other hand are a much more practical and safer way to handle marijuana waste disposal. They are specifically designed to render and mince all parts of this organic waste. By choosing the product of an accredited manufacturer like Celitron, you gain access to an on-site solution that adheres to all cannabis waste management regulations!

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Why we recommend our cannabis waste shredder for leftover and expired marijuana waste removal

Celitron has already spent many resources on creating one of the best on-site equipment capable of handling the most hazardous medical waste. The ISS (short for Integrated Sterilizer and Shredder) is the result of this intensive research and development, and has been met with undeniable success in the medical industry: with over 400 units sold worldwide, there are already many medical facilities in Latin-America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia who use Celitron’s products to handle the removal of waste.

And now, we have adapted our patented medical-grade technology to create the ISS 500 CAN: a cannabis waste shredder capable of flawlessly handling your marijuana waste disposal needs!

Here are the main benefits of using Celitron’s cannabis waste removal solution:

High performance

As you can see from the technical specifications of the ISS 500 CAN, this cannabis waste shredder is a true powerhouse. Performance can vary among granulating machines, but Celitron’s equipment definitely stands out by being able to render up to 150 kgs (more than 330 pounds) of marijuana waste per hour to enable its easier and safer disposal. Also, thanks to its large capacity, it can store about 560 liters of waste (which is more than 1200 pounds) waiting to be processed in its chamber!

Easy to install, easy to use

Creating equipment that is both efficient and user-friendly has always been a primary goal at Celitron. Our marijuana waste shredder can easily be installed at the site of your business, and while should definitely check instructions before putting it to work, incorporating into your everyday tasks is definitely a piece of cake: no previous technical qualifications required!

Profitable and sustainable

You won’t have to worry about sky-high operating costs. With the ISS 500 CAN cannabis shredder, waste disposal can be handled without deeply cutting into your profits. It is also a perfectly “green” solution, as it emits absolutely no harmful substances during the procedure, and the waste is rendered into a completely sterile state.

Extra safety procedures

The entire shredding and sterilization process is completely automatic. This not only makes using Celitron’s marijuana shredder very simple, but also allows for a safe waste disposal process that cannot be interrupted while the temperature inside the machine’s chamber is still too high.

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