The Electrical Clean Steam Generator family consists of fully automatic steam boilers designed to the highest quality standards to provide dry, saturated, stable and high-quality clean steam for medical steam sterilizers, autoclaves and washer-disinfectors in hospitals, clinics and laboratories.

The construction of these clean steam generators is modern, ensuring reliable operation, incorporating high-tech features. Behind its success is a team of multi-disciplinary engineers, who have developed sterilization equipment on OEM basis for more than 20 years, working for leading manufacturers around the world.

Easy to adapt and integrate

Fit in with most autoclaves regardless of brand

High capacity saturated steam production

200 kW, up to 280 kg/hour of steam

Easy to use

Continuous, automatic operation, without operator

Simple authorization

Easier approval process

Clean solution

Instead of diesel engine operation, without emitting harmful substances

Best solution

For clinics, laboratories and central sterile processing departments of hospitals

Specifications of our electric clean steam generator

The electrically heated steam generators are supplied with stainless steel 316L round vessel(s),  which conforms to the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) and incorporated with a preheated mineral free water reservoir. The clean steam boiler’s framework, panels, piping and heating elements are also made of stainless steel.

Thanks to the compact and stand-alone design, these steam generators are easy to install in a hospital’s sterile processing department, either next to the sterilizer or washer-disinfector units or in the utility room.

Through the numerous safety features, the Clean Steam E Series steam generators meet the highest standards and requirements for quality, safety and operation (2006/42/EC– Machinery Directive; Pressure Equipment Directive (PED); EN 60204-1, EN 61000-6-2 and EN 61000-6-4 safety and EMC standards, etc. and CE approved).

Our electric clean steam generator has microcontroller-based control system; state of the art Freescale technology automatically controls all operations. The system includes a digital 2x16 character LCD display with keyboard, communication, self and remote diagnosis, ensuring a reliable, safe, user-friendly and fully automatic operation.

The design of all internal and external components together with the self-diagnostic system ensure easy maintenance, resulting in reliable service and performance and satisfied operators.

Specification table:

Model Clean Steam E Series Clean Steam E-200
Capacity 200 kW
Max. steam production 280 kg/h
Operation pressure 3.5 bar
Saturated steam temperature 148 °C
External dimensions W x H x D 850 x 2000 x 1050 mm
Approximate weight 520 kg
Power 3 ph. 380-400 V, 50/60 Hz
Pressure vessel no. 2
Pressure vessel type stainless steel 316L round chamber

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Autoclaves are also known as steam sterilizers, and by definition, they require steam to operate, and sterilize tools and equipment for re-use, or prep medical waste for its final disposal. The steam sterilization process requires high-pressure and high-temperature steam to be reliably completed, as some bacteria cannot be simply removed via cleaning and disinfection, and can even resist temperatures of 100 degrees Celsius: the boiling point of water.

However, a quality autoclave can raise the pressure inside its chamber via a powerful vacuum system (which is true for all of Celitron’s steam sterilizers), and thus, also raise the boiling point of water well over 100 degrees Celsius, destroying any and all germs and bacteria that could pose a danger to patients and staff.

Our electric steam generator (or boiler) further helps by providing “clean” steam for your autoclave. “Dirty” steam may contain foreign particles coming from water, metal surfaces, or different chemicals, and while this usually doesn’t affect the reliability of the steam sterilization process, some medical facilities and laboratories will definitely need a cleaner source of steam. Examples include high-containment facilities that require a level 3 biosafety for special processes such as the preparation of sterile water and tissue culture work.


While there are other sources of steam you may use for Celitron’s autoclave like “in-house” steam from the building’s boiler system, there are cases where an electric steam generator is a much more adequate choice. An autoclave usually needs a minimum amount of steam pressure to operate efficiently, and not all house boilers are capable of reaching that. The quality (i.e. purity) of the steam is also important: if your source is too dirty because of old plumbing or poor water quality, the sterilization process cannot be as effective.

100% clean steam can only be produced through a high-power steam generator like Celitron’s E-200 model. By using pipes and fittings made of higher-grade stainless steel (316L) and pneumatic valves to produce the steam both maintenance and downtime are reduced.

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Other benefits of using Celitron’s high-pressure steam generator for your autoclave include:

  • Being able to heat up your autoclave more quickly: this means your steam sterilizer will be ready to use with a much shorter wait period.
  • Shorter cycle durations: with easy access to an abundant source of clean steam, the steam will be able to penetrate the parts of the load inside the autoclave much more easily, which will reduce the time the sterilization process needs to be completed.
  • Improved performance: even more complex loads can be treated faster and in a more reliable way.
  • Comfort: with a completely automated process, you won’t need to manually maintain the water level sensors of Celitron’s high-pressure electric clean steam generator, and the machine will require much less cleaning too!

Why we recommend our steam generator boiler for medical waste disposal

Within the health-care services, sterilization of medical supplies is an essential issue in the battle against the advance of many infectious diseases. In order to improve the quality of this supply, international standards have been developed, which specify the requirements for the equipment, and procedures in the sterilization departments in health care facilities.

Celitron’s Clean Steam E Series steam generators provide the best solution for the central sterile supply departments (CSSD) in hospitals, as well as smaller clinics and any other medical facility, who needs a stable supply of clean, high-pressure and high-temperature steam for the autoclave sterilizer they are using.

The CLEAN-STEAM E-200 is extremely easy to adapt and integrate with all of Celitron’s small, medium, and large steam sterilizer series, and even other types of autoclaves you may be currently using, regardless of the brand you’ve chosen. It is also particularly user-friendly, as it provides a continuous, automatic operation during the steam sterilization process, without the need for extra manual handling when putting in a load inside the chamber of the autoclave.

What’s more, Celitron’s electric steam generator boasts an exceptionally high performance of 200 kW: this means the E-200 can produce up to 200 kgs’ worth of dry, saturated steam each hour. Not to mention that the steam itself temperatures reaching all the way to 148 degrees Celsius!

And the cherry on top: all of this is achieved without emitting any harmful substances whatsoever, making our high-pressure steam generator a perfectly sustainable solution for all medical facilities who use autoclaves to sterilize their tools and equipment.

This is why all of us at Celitron can highly recommend using this steam generator boiler for sterilization and medical waste disposal!

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