Origin Medical Devices Panther 5 medical ventilator – Celitron’s new breathing machine in the fight against Covid-19

Thanks to its peak performance and ease of use, this ICU ventilator presents an ideal solution for all hospitals and ambulances worldwide that need the most modern machines to treat coronavirus patients.

The benefits of the Origin Medical Devices Panther 5 acute care ventilator breathing machine

Ventilator for babies

Adult patients aren’t the only ones who can receive treatment with the PANTHER 5. Our neonatal ventilator also supports newborns and infants with a cutting-edge breathing machine.

High-performing medical ventilator

A ventilator for breathing that doesn’t compromise on performance. By using an internal blower Celitron has removed the need to use compressed air without affecting the efficiency of the support provided for patients’ lungs.

Non-invasive ventilator

The PANTHER 5 works both as an invasive and NIV ventilator. Our machine meets the most strict and modern requirements, which is why non-invasive neonatal ventilation for babies and kids is a prominent feature in our mechanical breathing apparatus.

A medical ventilator with a wide range of options

Different diagnostic and support maneuvers provide great flexibility in offering the best possible treatment for ICU ventilator patients.

Portable air breathing machine

Thanks to its relatively small size and weight, Celitron’s portable transport ventilator machine provides a great tool for ambulances as well, as the patients in the ICU can be moved without the need to change oxygen breathing machines.

A modern ventilator in the intensive care unit

With a large display, touch screen, and flexible communication capabilities, the PANTHER 5 breathing machine meets all requirements of the modern age.

A cost-effective CPAP breathing machine

Our NIV neonatal ventilators have a very small cost of ownership, and their low power consumption also enables their battery to operate up to 4 hours.

ventilator and doctor

What makes Celitron’s non-invasive medical ventilator such a great asset for ICUs?

This is how we have made the Origin Medical Devices Panther 5 oxygen breathing machine into one of the best medical solutions hospitals and ambulances can use to treat ICU ventilator patients:

A mechanical ventilator that provides even greater control in the ICU

By using fully automated programs to handle control calibrations and functional operations, the Origin Medical Devices Panther 5 CPAP ventilator machine provides a higher level of verification while reducing costs and labor.

A medical ventilator for lungs with automated tracking

The burn-in of Celitron’s neonatal ventilators is also controlled and monitored by automation programs, which can detect faults and provide a complete bill of health.


The Panther 5 acute care ventilator uses an advanced blower along with a specially designed flow control valve. Unlike other medical breathing machines used in the ICU, Celitron’s artificial respiration device provides high flow delivery, stable pressurization during pressure breaths, as well as an extremely fast response to the needs of patients.


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How are Celitron’s non-invasive medical ventilators different?
Why is it different?

The Origin Medical Devices Panther 5 ventilator has two models: “A” and “G”. You can learn more about their different features down below!

Features of ONLY the A model ICU medical ventilator machine

Smart mode

Provides automatic transition between control and spontaneous mode depending on the presence or absence of spontaneous breathing. Perfect for early detection and support for ICU ventilator patients.

Demand flow

An intra-breathing system that allows the ventilator machine to provide additional oxygen to patients during demanding periods.

Auto exhalation sensitivity (ESENS)

Exhalation sensitivity is a commonly under optimized setting by clinicians and frequent cause of spontaneous breaths cycling too late, too early and double triggering. Auto Esens automates the setting to match the patient’s needs.

Recruitment maneuver

Allows clinicians to perform either a single or multi step recruitment maneuver (RM) via continuous ventilation at user defined step settings. The maneuver allows a maximum recruitment strategy to be applied using an automated step based maneuver process of Bi-Level.

Features of both A and G model ICU medical ventilator machine

SBT ventilator in the ICU

Spontaneous Breathing Trials are used to test how much ICU ventilator patients can tolerate spontaneous breathing with minimal support, and determine whether they are ready for additional weaning and/or extubating.

Speaking valve compatibility

Speaking valves in hospital breathing machines allow tracheostomy patients to vocalize on or off the mechanical ventilator.

Smart trigger

A third trigger type on the P5 ventilator uses a unique algorithm that continuously analyzes changes in pressure and flow patterns to improve synchrony with the patient during non invasive ventilation and much faster response for COPD patients.

The PANTHER 5 portable breathing machine also complies with the highest international and US standards.

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