Insect protein extraction: the future of sustainable farming?

While insect farming might be a controversial topic for most, no one can deny that is becoming a more and more booming market. The reason for that is quite simple: growing concerns about environmental sustainability, and the ever-increasing world population, the demand for new, suitable sources of protein has also increased. Many industries have already come to the realization that the current agriculture simply won’t be able to keep up with the expected changes.

This is how the Mobile ISS AGRI can help with hazardous animal waste disposal

According to Christine Middlemiss – the United Kingdom’s chief veterinary officer – African swine fever presents such a threat of spreading even further in Europe and beyond, that she can barely sleep at night. The cause for her concerns isn’t unfounded: as of today, there is still no vaccine against the “pig virus”, and the wild boar population is so dense in Eastern Europe, that the disease basically sustains itself.