MOBILE ISS AGRI - a solution for safe animal carcass disposal

Infectious animal waste disposal has always been a serious task, but it may have become an even more serious issue with the spread of the African Swine Fever (ASF for short). Ever since its first outbreak in China, the disease has managed to cross many borders within just a year, which has caused concerns for many experts regarding further spread of ASF.

Autoclave functions and uses: introduction to steam sterilization

While most people may have never heard the term “autoclave” before, autoclaves have a wide use in many industries. An autoclave is basically a pressure chamber used to carry out any process that requires highly elevated temperature and pressure, such as medical waste disposal, and/or medical equipment sterilization.

An introduction to cannabis waste disposal

While it certainly sounds odd at first, cannabis waste disposal has become just as much of an issue as other types of biomedical waste.

How to dispose of medical waste in 3 steps without endangering the environment

The definition of medical (also known as biomedical or clinical) waste is fairly broad: all waste materials generated at health care facilities, medical research facilities, laboratories can be considered as medical waste. However, it is important to note that even households produce their own clinical waste, as does any organization that deals with needles and/or syringes.

Insect protein extraction: the future of sustainable farming?

While insect farming might be a controversial topic for most, no one can deny that is becoming a more and more booming market. The reason for that is quite simple: growing concerns about environmental sustainability, and the ever-increasing world population, the demand for new, suitable sources of protein has also increased. Many industries have already come to the realization that the current agriculture simply won’t be able to keep up with the expected changes.