Health for La Paz - Bolívia; ISS inauguration in South America

Bolivia - ISS inauguration in South America
Bolivia 2018 (1)
Bolivia 2018 (2)
Bolivia 2018 (3)

Arab Health 2018

Arab Health 2018 - Celitron (1)
Arab Health 2018 - Celitron (2)
Arab Health 2018 - Celitron (3)
Arab Health 2018 - Celitron (4)

Medica 2017

Medica 2017 Exhibition - Medical Sterilization
Medica 2017 Exhibition - Steam sterilizers and medical waste solutions
Medica 2017 Exhibition - Medical Sterilization
Medica 2017 Exhibition - Steam sterilizers and medical waste solutions

Arab Health 2017

Arab Health 2017 Exhibition - Medical Sterilization
Arab Health 2017 Exhibition - Steam sterilizers and medical waste solutions from Hungary

PHARM Connect Congress

Attendance at the Pharm Connect Congress 2017
Custom-made solution for biological infectious waste disposal in vaccine
On-site biohazard waste solution for vaccine manufacturers
Successful meeting during the pharmaceutical conference in Budapest

Technician Training and Distributor Meeting 2016

Autoclaves in theoretical training
Celitron - Distributor of the Year ceremony
Integrated Sterilizer & Shredder Training
The Integrated Sterilizer & Shredder in practice

FIME 2016

FIME 2016 - Medical waste disposal solution with the Integrated Sterilizer & Shredder
FIME 2016 - Thanks to all our partners and visitors, who visited us during the FIME Show 2016
FIME 2016 - We presented our Medical Waste Solution at the largest medical trade fair in Miami 2016

Celitron Celebrating its 10th Year Anniversary

Celitron - 10th year anniversary gala dinner in Germany
Celitron - 2015 November - 10 year together with our distributor in the medical field
Celitron - Celebrating 10 years of success in Düsseldorf

Disposable Solutions for Biomanufacturing 2016

8th Annual Disposable Solutions for Biomanufacturing Conference
Celitron offers Biological Infectious Waste Disposal Systems for Biomanufacturing
Celitron offers custom designed, unique, fully automatic and immediate treatment for disposable cell culture bottles
Disposable Solutions for Biomanufacturing - Munich - Germany 2016

Arab Health 2016

Arab Health Exhibition for medical devices and our Steam Sterilizers for hopsitals and clinics
Large autoclave for Sterile Processing Department from 100 up to 880 liter capacity.
Our successful participation at the region's biggest medical event
We exhibited our advanced bio waste treatment solution at Arab Health 2016

FIME 2015

FIME 2015 - Celitron - Hazardous waste treatment machine
FIME 2015 - Celitron - On site medical waste solution for hospitals and clinics
FIME 2015 - Celitron - Participation in FIME Show in Miami - USA

Kingdom Waste Management Forum 2015

Celitron - Medical Waste Partner at Kingdom Waste Management Forum
Medical Waste Management - Forum and Workshop in Saudi Arabia
Middle East forum - biological infectious waste management in hospitals
Workshop in Saudi Arabia about Solid Waste Management - Celitron presents Medical Waste Solution

Al Moustechfa 2015

ALMoustechfa - Algerian Exhibition for Hospital experts in medical technology
ALMoustechfa - Celitron Representatives for the Algerian Medical Waste and Hospital Equipment Market
ALMoustechfa - Medical Waste Solution - The Integrated Sterilizer and Shredde ISS AC-575
ALMoustechfa - Solutions for highly infectious medical waste treatment at hospital site

Arab Health 2015

Autoclave for hospital central sterilization supply department
Celitron steam sterilizers and hospital waste non-incineration technology
Clinical hazardous waste disposal with Integrated Sterilizer and Shredder
Middle East hospital equipment

Medica 2014

Biohazard waste treatment is an essential issue for hospitals and clinics
Integrated Sterilizer and Shredder for on-site medical and dialysis waste disposal
Interest in our Medical Waste Solution - hazardous waste conversion with the ISS
We exhibited our steam sterilizers for medical applications

Medical Fair Asia 2014

Interview - Why it is important to treat infectious hospital waste on-site
Media interest about Celitron proven technology for Hazardous waste disposal
Exhibiting the Infectious Waste Treatment Machine the ISS in the Hungarian Pavilion
Best Solution for Medical Waste Treatment On-site - The Integrated Sterilizer and Shredder

Africa Health 2014

Africa Health 2014 - The Hungarian Exhibitor Team
Africa Health 2014 - Television interview about Celitron Hazardous waste treatment
Africa Health 2014 - Opportunities in South Africa with Medical Waste Solution
Africa Health 2014 - The Integrated Sterilizer and Shredder

Arab Health 2014

Arab Health 2014 - Customer Focus
Arab Health 2014 - Medical Waste Solution
Arab Health 2014 - The Integrated Sterilizer and Shredder
Arab Health 2014 - Hazardous waste treatment within a single vessel


FIME 2014 - Celitron - Miami Beach Convention Center
FIME 2014 - Celitron - Professional Sterilizers - Capacity from 23 liters up to 780 liters-10 STU
FIME 2013 - Celitron - Innovative and quality products from Hungary
FIME 2012 - Celitron - Biomedical waste treatment machine

Medica 2013

Medica 2013 - The Integrated Sterilizer and Sredder for infectious waste treatment on-site
Medica 2013 - Medical Waste Solutions and Professional Steam Sterilizers
Medica 2013 - High-tech in sterilization
Medica 2013 - Professional Sterilizers