Celitron has an international presence, with more than 350 deployed medical waste treatment units and over 3500 deployed steam sterilizers in over 70 countries worldwide.

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Medical waste treatment unit installation in Kenya, Africa
Medium steam sterilizer for surgical instruments in Ecuador
Biomedical hazardous waste disposal unit in Asuncion-Paraguay
Regulated medical waste treatment on-site with Celitron ISS in Tver-Russia
Hazardouse hospital waste treatment in Managua-Nicaragua
Large steam sterilizer - Slovakie
Celitron Clean Steam Generators - Finland
Bio-infectious waste treatment in hospital – Sao Paolo-Brazil
First installation of the medical waste treatment unit in Jakarta-Indonesia
Bench-top autoclave with 25-liter capacity in Suceava-Romania
Celitron medical waste system in use in Maidan-Hawally-Kuwait
Treating medical waste on-site with Celitron machine in Kinesma-Russia
25-liter sterilizer and shredder for medical waste installed in Algeria
Safe and effective infectious hospital waste disposal with Celitron Medical Waste System - Lima-Peru
Disposal solution - Sterilizing and shredding biomedical waste in Moscow-Russia
Biohazardous laboratory waste disposal with the Integrated Sterilizer and Shredder in Finland
Using the Integrated Sterilizer and Shredder unit in Jdaide-Zgharta-Lebanon
Installation of Celitron medical waste solution in Kathmandu-Nepal
Installing the ISS for medical waste treatment in Kuwait
Treatment of hospital waste with Celitron medical waste treatment system
Treating medical waste with Celitron Integrated Sterilizer and shredder in Byblos-Lebanon
Large steam sterilizer - Slovakie
Singar; Iraq
Celitron installation in Algeria for treatment of medical waste
Biomedical waste disposal with on-site treatment system in Kirkuk-Iraq
Azteca A large steam sterilizer for hospital central sterile supply department in Budapest-Hungary
Instrument sterilization with Celitron horizontal steam sterilizer in Poland
Hospital waste sterilization and shredding with ISS in Hungary, Debrecen
Training operator how to use Celitron medical waste machine in Yangon-Myanmar
Double-door medium steam sterilizers were installed in St Petersburg-Russia
Clean steam generator - Finland
Tunisisa - Gabes
Clean steam generator - Finland
Using Celitron large steam sterilizer in the Cesky Krumlov hospital in the Czech Republic
Celitron large autoclave installed in Long Xuyen-Vietnam
Medical waste treatment solution by Celitron in Jdaide-Zgharta-Lebanon
Large horizontal autoclave installation in Kistarcsa-Hungary
Installation of the ISS for treating hospital waste in Gioana-Brazil
Celitron Clean Steam Generators - Finland
Medical sterilization equipment installed in the West of Java-Indonesia
Installing the Integrated Sterilizer and Shredder for medical waste treatment in Lipetsk-Russia
Treating hazardous medical waste with Celitron hospital waste disposal system in Legazpi-Philippines
Celitron large capacity horizontal autoclave in Brasov-Romania
Czech republic
Large steam sterilizer for hospital sterile supply department installed in Algeria
Hospital sterilization equipment – installed in Ukmerge-Lithuania
Hospital waste sterilization and shredding with ISS in Santiago de Chile
Bio-infectious hospital waste treatment system installed in Tripoli-Libya
Azteca AC steam sterilizer was installed in Bucharest-Romania
Alexandria - Egyipt