Agricultural waste disposal methods: how to make the best out of farm animal waste

Anyone working within the agricultural industry needs to be familiar with the correct waste disposal methods. There are strict regulations in every country regarding the removal of waste that farms, slaughterhouses, and other agricultural facilities produce, but this is not just a matter of following the law to the letter. If you have ever wondered how to correctly dispose of agricultural waste, then Celitron’s next article will definitely be of great use to you!

What is an autoclave, and how does steam sterilization work?

Autoclaves, steam sterilization…if you work in the medical industry, you have probably heard of these terms before. And if you have not, then Celitron’s next article will be of even more use to you.

Steam generator boilers: improving the efficiency of autoclaves?

Autoclaves have gained a lot of popularity within the medical field thanks to several factors like reliability and ease of use. However, their efficiency also depends on the steam source you choose for them, an element which should definitely not be overlooked when making your choice. In Celitron’s next article, we will delve deeper into the connection autoclaves have with steam, and why you should consider using a steam generator boiler, which achieves higher efficiency through “clean steam”!

Autoclave machines: what factors play a role in their price?

Among the many factors one needs to consider before buying an autoclave machine, price is definitely an important one. After all, no one wants to spend more than necessary, but price tags should not be the only thing you to look out for before making your purchase, and they are also not the only thing that will affect the costs of using an autoclave machine.

Autoclaves for pipettes and other laboratory glassware: the importance of correct sterilization

In Celitron’s next article, we will discuss how pipettes are different from other loads that can be put in autoclaves, and what kind of steam sterilizers you should use to be able to sterilize them properly!