Veterinary clinic autoclaves – What is the best machine for your facility?


Animal safety is the top priority at any veterinary clinic and autoclaves can greatly contribute to achieving this goal. In Celitron’s next article, you will learn why steam sterilization is so important, and how to choose the best model suited for your facility!

What is a “vet autoclave”? How does steam sterilization work?

A veterinary autoclave (or vet autoclave for short) is a piece of medical equipment also known as a steam sterilizer. These machines have become a widely popular on-site method at veterinary clinics to sterilize infectious waste as well as medical instruments used for the treatment of animals. They are also present in other fields of medicine, such as dental clinics and hospitals.

“Steam sterilization” refers to the process of sterilizing medical tools and waste. Vet autoclaves also use high-pressure and high-temperature steam ranging between 121 and 134 degrees Celsius. This allows them to eliminate all potentially infectious foreign materials, even those that would otherwise resist heat. This happens by simply loading the tools inside the chamber of the machine, where steam will gradually be introduced inside the chamber. Once the tools are dry and cool, they can be unloaded safely.

This means that thanks to autoclaves, veterinary clinics can safely reuse sterilized tools for the treatment of animals, or throw away waste that cannot be reused, without having to worry about the risks of collecting, storing, and transporting hazardous waste away.

Why should veterinary clinics use autoclaves?

There are many reasons why autoclaves are strongly recommended for veterinary clinics.

  • Medically speaking, the infectious foreign materials found in the blood of humans and animals can survive approximately for 1 week on medical tools and equipment such as textiles, linens, sharps, surgical equipment, and more. Before a doctor can operate on a patient or a vet can reuse their tools to treat a different pet, all required equipment needs to be sterile. By using an autoclave, you can ensure that no infections are spread further towards other animals in your veterinary clinics. Hospitals are constantly using the measure to prevent the spread of diseases, and this is just as important for vets.
  • Financially speaking, installing an autoclave in a veterinary clinic is indeed a cost, but it can actually help save you money in the long run. Since steam sterilizers allow vets to reuse treated materials, this can be much cheaper compared to constantly using and buying single-use equipment. Not to mention that all those materials you throw out present a much bigger risk to the environment, as they can still be infectious. You also still have to find a solution in your waste management system to store and transport infectious waste away, which can also be quite costly due to the hazardous nature of the waste. All this money can be better spent on improving the equipment and services of your veterinary clinic.
  • Practically speaking, having an autoclave at your veterinary clinic also allows you to work more efficiently and reduce your workload. This is especially helpful during your busiest periods. No need to spend extra time cleaning and sterilizing instruments by hand, and you can reuse your tools as soon as the sterilization process is over.
  • From an ethical and marketing perspective, installing an autoclave also serves the reputation of your veterinary clinic. Every single pet owner wants what is best for their adored furry balls of love, and they will trust vets to have the same goal. They will expect you to do your best to ensure the health, safety, and general well-being of their animals. Having a modern autoclave greatly helps to achieve that goal in your veterinary clinic.

How do I benefit from choosing Celitron’s veterinary clinic autoclaves?

Celitron is proud to be able to provide veterinary clinics with modern, quality autoclaves where sustainable operation doesn’t come at the cost of performance.

  • Our vet autoclaves can easily be installed and operated on-site. While the manufacturer’s instructions should always be browsed, there is no need for any specific training for you to be able to use these steam sterilizers.
  • This is further supported by self and remote diagnosis systems to also make maintenance easier.
  • Celitron’s veterinary clinic autoclaves operate on a completely automatic basis. The complete steam sterilization process only requires you to load the instruments inside the chamber and push a few buttons. Even the operation of the door is done automatically.
  • Thanks to extra safety features, the door of our vet autoclaves cannot be opened until the pressure and temperature are still too high within the steam sterilizer’s chamber.
  • Reducing your veterinary clinic’s environmental footprint doesn’t just benefit our planet. Our autoclaves’ energy-saving systems also ensure that you can use them profitably on a daily basis.
  • Class B autoclaves with vacuum-based cycles – the most advanced category of steam sterilizer currently available on the market. Great versatility for treating more types of loads. The sterilization of veterinary instruments can be completed in about 20 minutes, including the cooldown and drying phase.
  • Conform with level 3 biosafety requirements.

What kind of veterinary autoclaves can I purchase from Celitron?

At Celitron, regardless of the capacity of the veterinary autoclave you choose for your clinic, you can expect the same level of quality, regardless of the model you choose. The right choice for your facility mostly depends on these factors:

  • How often do you need to sterilize your vet tools?
  • How many tools and pieces of equipment do you use for the treatment of animals in a day?
  • How much available space do you have in your veterinary clinic to install an autoclave?

At Celitron, we offer 2 main types of autoclaves for more moderately sized facilities like veterinary clinics:

  1. Sting 11B Premium small veterinary autoclaves – chamber capacity: 25 liters.
  2. Azteca AC medium veterinary autoclaves – chamber capacity: 75 - 200 liters. Our medium steam sterilizers are also ideal for hospitals that need an on-site solution for operating theaters.

Should you have any other questions about our autoclaves for veterinary clinics, Celitron’s team of professionals is more than happy to help you out. Do not hesitate to CONTACT US for a free quote, and we will help you customize the steam sterilizer that is most suited to your needs!

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