The Sting 11B is an advanced, completely automatic pre-and post-vacuum tabletop autoclave that offers extremely high performance in the sterilization of both wrapped and unwrapped tools and equipment in the medical industry.

It can cover a large field of uses, including hospitals, operating theaters, pharmacies, labs. Its smaller size also makes this B type autoclave an excellent choice for dental clinics that have less space to spare. Celitron’s Sting 11B steam sterilizer’s performance is also further supported by the recommendation of doctors and sterile processing technicians.

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Easy to use
With a completely automated one touch operation, Celitron’s class B autoclave is particularly user-friendly, and requires no technical qualifications of any sort to be used by medical staff.
Fast and economical
The steam sterilization cycle can be completed in as fast as 21 minutes depending on the load inside the vessel of this small autoclave, allowing you to run your medical operations more efficiently.
Also, the Sting 11B type autoclave isn’t just fast: it comes equipped with advanced energy and water saving systems, which puts less of a strain on the environment, and reduces the operational costs of your clinic.
Small and mobile
The plug & play concept coupled with a smaller size makes this tabletop autoclave particularly practical to use for medical facilities that don’t have much space to spare, work with smaller loads, and require a sterilization solution that is easy to incorporate in their medical management system.
Highly efficient: ideal for dental and private clinics
With a capacity of 25 liter, medical staff will be able to load 6 trays’ or 4 cassettes’ worth of tools and equipment to be sterilized in a quick, sustainable, and flawless process. With high-pressure and high-temperature steam, any load coming out of the Sting 11B benchtop autoclave will be 100% sterile and safe to use again!

B type autoclave sterilizer: principle and technical information

The Sting 11B benchtop autoclave machine is a fully automatic, high-speed pre and post vacuum steam sterilizer that has been designed with the highest attention to quality. As a class B sterilizer, it can treat wrapped materials, hollow instruments and porous loads in hospitals, as well as smaller private clinics.

This tabletop sterilizer comes equipped with a 25-liter chamber made entirely of stainless steel 316L, a built-in steam generator, and a powerful vacuum pump to ensure complete air removal from the machine’s chamber. This allows the steam inside to penetrate every single part of hollow and porous loads alike, resulting in a much more reliable steam sterilization process.

With the added inclusion of an energy saving system which reduces power consumption by 30%, the operation of this small medical sterilizer is much more environmentally friendly, and much more cost-efficient as well, providing an excellent return on investment for medical facilities.

All in all, Celitron is confident it is one of the best autoclaves for dental and other clinics.

B Class table-top autoclave with open door

Model Sting 11B sterilizer – specifications of our tabletop autoclave

Chamber dimensions, Inner Dia. x Depth 261 x 472 mm
Chamber volume 25 liter
External dimensions W x H x D 534 x 475 x 609 mm
Approximate Weight 70 kg
Power supply* 1 ph. 220 V, 50/60 Hz
Power with steam generator 3000 W
Available sterilization cycles Flash 134 °C / Unwrapped 134 °C / Wrapped 134 °C / Prion 134 °C /Porous 121 °C
Available test cycles Bowie & Dick test / Vacuum test
Touch-screen display LCD 5.7’’ Color Graphic
Cabinet Stainless steel

*Adjustable to different voltage systems

Features and accessories of our small benchtop autoclave machine

Thanks to numerous safety features incorporated in this small autoclave, our type B sterilizer meets the highest standards and requirements for quality and operation safety.

The entire steam sterilization process can be launched with the press of a single button, after which any unauthorized interruption will be prohibited from the system to protect medical staff from steam that will reach temperatures ranging between 121 and 124 degrees Celsius. Until the pressure and temperature inside the chamber doesn’t return to normal, the door will stay closed to prevent unwanted accidents.

Our autoclave for dental instruments also comes with additional accessories to make it an even better choice for smaller clinics and hospitals alike.

Apart from our stand-alone benchtop sterilizer, there is also a water purification system available in order to improve the quality of the water needed, and to avoid the need to manually refill the machine’s water reservoirs. Each sterilization cycle can be documented by the printer which records the parameters of the cycles you use, or you can choose to collect them by using an SD card.

B Class table-top autoclave with open door


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Why we recommend our class B autoclave sterilizer for dental and other clinics

In the medical industry, fighting the spread of infections both within and outside the confines of a facility is something medical staff needs to do every single day. The source of these infections can often be the lack of proper sterilization, as cleaning and disinfection cannot get rid of all potential bacteria. Celitron’s mission is to help improve the quality of the equipment medical staff can use to efficiently sterilize the tools they use, by providing solutions that meet international standards.

Our desktop autoclave is a class B sterilizer, which is the most advanced type of machine you can find on the market.

The powerful vacuum pump allows it to completely remove the air from its chamber, ensuring a much higher level of steam sterilization that can treat hollow, porous, wrapped, unwrapped, and even textile loads, which is something class N and class S autoclaves are unable to do. B stands for “big small”: despite its smaller size, it offers the same reliable performance as our bigger models, meaning even smaller dental and other clinics don’t have to compromise on quality.

Options and Accessories

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