Traitement des déchets médicaux biologiquement dangereux
  • Traitement des déchets biomédicaux avec réduction de volume pour les hôpitaux, les cliniques, les centres de dialyse et les laboratoires
  • Capacité : 25 à 560 litres. Jusqu'à 150 kg de déchets/heure
Autoclaves - Stérilisateurs à vapeur
  • Autoclaves de table, stérilisateurs à vapeur moyens et grands pour les cliniques dentaires, les cliniques et les services d'approvisionnement stérile des hôpitaux
  • Capacité : de 25 à 880 litres. Jusqu'à 12 STU
Générateurs de vapeur propre électriques
  • Générateurs à vapeur électriques en acier inoxydable pour le service de traitement stérile des hôpitaux
  • Capacité : 200 à 300 kW. Jusqu'à 420 kg / heure de vapeur
ISS AGRI Facility

The ISS AGRI Facility has been developed to recycle by-products of the agricultural (ABP) and food industries. The system is designed to treat animal by-products, losses and animal carcasses, including poultry, fish, cow, porcine, sheep, blood, feather, bones, which constitute a source of hazardous waste.

This is a continuous and automated process system, including sterilization and shredding in the ISS, separating solids, oil and water and drying, giving the opportunity to use the end result as dry nutrition within the animal (pet) food industry. This is an ideal solution for bio-infectious animal waste treatment and conversion in the livestock processing industry, farms and slaughterhouses.

Mobile ISS Agri

Mobile solution for animal by-product treatment. This is an innovation in animal by-products & carcasses rendering. It has high capacity in treating of dead and infectious birds or other type of animals.

This mobile solution replaces the mobile incinerators, therefore the animal carcasses will be disposed fast and efficient. Our mobile solution doesn’t have environmental impact and the transportation is really quick.

Insect Protein Processing
The Celitron ISS AGRI provides a new process to recover solid proteins and fat from Black Soldier Fly. The ISS AGRI Facility is a unique, continuous and automated process system, that is perfect for insect protein processing. Our plant includes the Integrated Sterilizer and Shredder (ISS),decanter, separator and dryer.