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The products of fully automatic autoclave machine manufacturers like Celitron are highly sought after within the healthcare industry.

Steam sterilizers have become increasingly popular over the last years as an alternative solution for treating medical waste and tools on-site. The most advanced models bring many benefits to the day-to-today operations of medical facilities and make it much easier for medical staff to maintain a safe working environment for themselves and their patients.

In Celitron’s next article, you will learn more about the advantages of using automatic autoclaves for steam sterilization!

Automatic or not? About autoclaves in general

Whether an autoclave is fully automatic or not, there’s a reason why they are also called “steam sterilizers”.

All autoclaves use high-temperature steam as a source to sterilize red bag waste and certain pieces of medical equipment. They are pressure cooker-like machines with an internal chamber where different materials can be loaded. After that, steam is introduced inside the chamber to force the air out – as steam is denser than air – and the materials come into contact with the high-temperature steam. After that, staff must take extra care when opening the door of the chamber, because the materials inside may still be too hot, and will need some time to dry and cool down.

What is a fully automatic autoclave? How do these machines work?

In the case of a fully automatic autoclave machine, the process is slightly different. The entire process can be started with just the push of a button. Not even the doors have to be closed manually in case of automatic autoclaves.

Instead of simply using gravity displacement to gradually force the air out with steam, new-generation models use a vacuum pump to suck all the air out of the chamber before steam is introduced. Afterwards, even the drying and cooling phase is part of an automated process within the closed vessel of the steam sterilizer.

The whole sterilization process is much faster, and when the cooldown phase is over, when the door of the autoclave opens automatically, the load inside will already be down to normal temperature levels.

What makes Celitron a popular fully automatic autoclave manufacturer?

We are dedicated to manufacturing automatic autoclaves that combine the advantages of green technology, reliable sterilization, and seamless operation offered by high-tech on-site solutions.

Here are some of the most notable benefits of the models we offer, regardless of chamber size capacity:

  • User-friendly operation. No need for any specific technical qualifications.
  • Easy day-to-day operation. Celitron’s automatic autoclaves are also capable of self and remote diagnosis. All information about sterilization cycles is displayed on an LCD-touch screen, and documentation can be handled via an external PC connection.
  • Fast operation. The completely automated steam sterilization process can be completed in as fast as 20 minutes depending on the size of the load inside.
  • Green and cost-effective operation. Our machines are equipped with advanced water and energy-saving systems.
  • Extra safety features are incorporated into the automatic process. While pressure and temperature levels still are too high inside the autoclave’s chamber, the door of the chamber won’t open to prevent exposure to steam.
  • Automatic autoclaves for facilities of all sizes. Celitron’s machines range from 25-liter capacity chambers all the way to 880 liters to accommodate smaller clinics and the largest of hospitals.

Other benefits of fully automatic autoclave machines

Regardless of size, Celitron only manufacturs “class B”, fully automatic autoclave machines. These are the types of steam sterilizers that represent the currently most advanced category on the market.

  • Extreme reliability: even heat-resistant bacteria cannot survive in steam temperatures ranging between 121 and 134 degrees Celsius.
  • Level 3 biosafety requirements can be met with Celitron’s automatic autoclaves.
  • More versatility: more types of materials can be treated, including wrapped and unwrapped medical tools, hollow items, porous items, as well as textile items. This includes syringes, PPE, pipette tips, and tissue culture flasks as well.

What types of automatic autoclave machines can I purchase from Celitron?

As a professional automatic autoclave manufacturer, Celitron prides itself on being able to offer machines that provide the same reliable performance, regardless of size. This means your choice about which steam sterilizer you should purchase mostly depends on:

  • How much available space do you have to install your new automatic autoclave
  • How much (and how frequently) do you need to sterilize medical tools and red bag waste

These are the 3 main types of steam sterilizers you can order from Celitron:

  1. Sting 11B Premium small automatic autoclaves – capacity: 25 liters.
  2. Azteca AC medium automatic autoclaves – capacity: 75 - 200 liters.
  3. Azteca A large automatic autoclaves - capacity 110 - 880 liters.

As you can see, we can accommodate the needs of small clinics and large hospitals as well. We are also proud to say that as an automatic autoclave machine manufacturer, we can also provide medical facilities with a reliable alternative to incineration. Non-incineration green technologies are always prioritized by the WHO – new generation vacuum autoclaves like Celitron’s models emit zero harmful substances, so there is no risk of air pollution at all. Not to mention they are also equipped with advanced water and energy-saving systems.

We also have another, hybrid automatic autoclave machine that is equipped with an integrated medical waste shredder – Celitron’s ISS. Ideal for categories of waste that need to be rendered to an unrecognizable state, such as medical sharps waste. It’s also an excellent on-site solution for dialysis centers, blood banks, and plasma centers.

Fully automatic autoclaves come with a heap of benefits. It’s not just about making the process of steam sterilization more practical. The new generation class B models of manufacturers like Celitron also guarantee a much faster and more reliable sterilization process thanks to vacuum-based cycles. Not to mention more versatility when sterilizing potentially infectious medical tools and waste.

For more specifics, check out Celitron’s automatic autoclaves on our website!

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