A mutated version of the coronavirus has spread among minks


Yet another possible escalation amidst the Covid-19 pandemic: Denmark, the number 1 mink producer in the world is planning to cull over 15 million minks in the country, after a mutated version of the coronavirus has spread from the animals and infected 12 people. Infected animals posing a risk to humans is a new factor in the fight against Covid-19 that could threaten the efficiency of future vaccines as well. Right now, the focus is on halting any future cases.

The method of culling will definitely play a key role in this. Manufacturers like Celitron are already stepping up with new solutions like the MOBILE AGRI Unit: a special sterilizing and rendering equipment that can even handle the safe disposal of carcasses infected with animal diseases.

Guardian’s article reflects on the severity of another possibly escalation of the COVID-19 the pandemic:


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