The best equipment for slaughterhouse carcass waste disposal

Perfect mobile solution for infected Swine, Poultry, Cattle or any other farm waste. Celitron’s Mobile AGRI Unit is a mobile solution for infected animal waste disposal. With medical-grade sterilization and a significantly low energy footprint, the mobile animal waste treating system brings a completely new technology to the animal carcass disposal process. Perfect solution to control any animal diseases such as swine disease, poultry disease, cow disease (within this we can specifically mention these diseases: swine fever, bird flu, Avian influenza, Newcastle disease, Bovine Tuberculosis, Mad Cow Disease and the porcine virus).

We provide mobile animal carcass solutions to safely dispose of your fallen stock, animal carcasses or any animal by-products from your farm.

With an eye for convenience and sustainability, the Mobile AGRI Unit combines the standards of the ISS AGRI rendering facility with the ease of mobility. The Mobile AGRI Unit, developed as a method for animal by-product disposal is designed to treat all animal waste including small and large carcasses. The mobile AGRI unit is designed to render all by-products, losses and animal carcasses from porcine, poultry, fish, or cow. The mobile unit can process every part of the carcass, including blood, feather, bone and fat.


High capacity animal carcass disposal

5,000 birds/h

Local and immediate treatment

Fast, efficient disposal (against poultry disease, cow disease, pig disease)

Medical sterilization level

SAL 6log10 (against animal diseases)

No Environment impact

Quick transportation

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The system includes an Integrated Sterilization and Shredding system (ISS), to produce sterile soup that can be transported easily out of the infected site.


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The Mobile AGRI Unit is designed to be as economically and environmentally sustainable as possible. In order to prevent air pollution (unlike with the mobile animal waste incinerator), the Integrated Sterilizer and Shredder’s chamber was created to run efficiently as a closed system.

Expelled air, odors and other fumes are fully contained within the chamber and biohazard odor filters are fitted over each discharge point in the system. Additionally, each sub-system has its own unique control panel as well as a central, all-systems control panel for additional precaution and user safety.

The Mobile AGRI Unit will effectively replace any currently in-use method as an economically viable, environmentally sustainable and safe means of animal carcass disposal alternative. The Mobile AGRI Units offers a cleaner, safer, quicker (non-infectious) animal waste treatment solution. Animal by-product incineration, typically used to avoid carcass and biohazard transportation, is rendered obsolete with the Mobile AGRI Unit, the use of which successfully eliminates the necessity of carcass transportation.


There are a lot of ways to handle the carcass disposal of dead animals, but at Celitron, we pride ourselves in being able to offer you a method that stands out even among the most popular and traditional ways of handling animal waste removal. Here are just a few examples on how you can benefit from using our mobile rendering facility compared to other treatment methods!

Disposal of dead animal carcasses in a cost-effective way

One of the main factors everyone wants to consider first is of course the cost. Since finding an animal waste removal solution is the responsibility of all who work with livestock or other sectors of the agricultural industry, it’s something you have to do anyway. Still, that doesn’t mean you have to drown in expenses! Whether you have a smaller or a bigger business to run, our mobile carcass disposal system is guaranteed to save you money in the long run.

For example, using more traditional methods like landfills and incinerators can certainly do the job as well, but they also have higher operating costs, and thus you will also have to pay a higher price to gain access to these services.

Simple, and accessible carcass disposal

Apart from saving money, you will most probably looking for a practical solution: something that can be easily accessed and doesn’t require too much research to understand the proper regulations of the method. Of course, when it comes to agricultural and environmental issues, it can never be too easy if you want your carcass disposal to be handled in a safe and effective way.

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Still, some methods are easier to use than others. Landfills will always require research on your part, as not all of them accept animal carcasses. This means you will have to check with each individual landfill beforehand. Certain landfills also require you to use certain methods (e.g. double-bagging) before accepting to handle the disposal of your animal waste. And even after you’ve checked everything, you still have to find a solution for transportation: only licensed services can handle that part, which means even more research on your part.

Pit burials can save you the time and energy that landfills require, but this method is only permitted in selected states and countries, and even then there are regulations to follow.

On the other hand, our mobile animal waste rendering and carcass disposal unit already adheres to all EU and WHO recommendations: this way we can not only guarantee you the credibility of our method, but also save you some time with researching what rules to follow. You can also tick off transportation off your list, since we’ll be taking care of that too. The size of the carcass, and whether it was infected beforehand doesn’t matter either!

In a nutshell, money isn’t the only thing you’ll be saving by using Celitron’s Mobile AGRI unit!

Animal carcass disposal in a sustainable way

As with all other forms of waste disposal, your safety isn’t the only thing to consider. Potential environmental burden is an issue that is becoming more pressing each day. Whether or not the animals were suffering from a disease beforehand, burying waste like that can greatly affect the quality the environment around it. As for on-site and mobile incinerators, even if they are hailed as one of the most effective solution, there is a trade-off for that efficiency, which is none other than air pollution.

Our mobile carcass disposal system produces zero harmful emissions: all this without any bad odors whatsoever!

Extremely effective animal carcass removal

Even with the cost-effective, easy accessibility, and eco-friendly factors of our mobile animal waste rendering solution, quality plays an essential part in why you would benefit from using our Mobile AGRI unit. A 100% guaranteed sterile process that can safely handle the disposal of any infected carcass, and quickly remove it from your site!

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