Safe rendering of hazardous and infectious animal by-products


As experts have pointed out, there is still no need to panic because of the G4 virus. However, that does not mean that the appearance of a new swine flu strain should be underestimated either: China’s pig industry is massive, and since the disease can already spread from animals to humans, those who work in the agricultural industry are already at risk. The focus should definitely be on ensuring the safety of swine workers, as well as minimizing the long-term risks of the G4 virus spreading to other countries. This will definitely require farms and slaughterhouses to use safer methods for pig carcass disposal: manufacturers like Celitron already provide on-site solutions like the ISS AGRI Facility, which can safely render even hazardous and infectious animal by-products.

According to the article of CNN, there is a newly discovered swine flu which could be pandemic potential, so hazardous animal waste disposal is necessary

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