Autoclaves in Europe and worldwide - How Celitron became one of the most popular autoclave manufacturers


Looking for a professional autoclave manufacturer in Europe? Celitron is deeply committed to offering on-site medical solutions to facilities of all sizes that comply with the environmental standards of the EU and WHO.

In this article, you will learn more about Celitron as an autoclave producer in Europe, as well as the types of steam sterilizers we deliver through our global distribution network!

Celitron as an autoclave producer in Europe – A manufacturer committed to green technology and on-site solutions

We offer modern, new-generation autoclaves not only in Europe – our steam sterilizers and on-site medical waste disposal plants are already present in more than 80 countries around the world. Our global distribution network covers most parts of Asia, Europe, the Middle East, South and North America, and Africa. We have already provided medical facilities with more than 500 medical waste treatment units and more than 5000 autoclaves on-site.

We are an autoclave manufacturing company located in Eastern Europe, Hungary. Celitron is committed to demonstrating excellence in all areas of our business, whether it’s through the reliability of our autoclaves, or working with the best suppliers in and outside of Europe. Apart from the medical industry, we also provide medical-grade sterilization and shredding technology within the agricultural industry.

We like to think of green technology as a win-win scenario – simultaneously reducing the burden on the Earth and offering the most cost-effective, reliable, and practical way to treat medical waste and equipment in the long term. Right at the site of your facility. We are proud to be able to provide you with turnkey medical solutions - quality autoclaves from the heart of Europe that can easily be incorporated into your waste management system and are ready to be used right after installation.

What makes Celitron such a popular autoclave manufacturer in Europe?

As a manufacturer of new-generation autoclaves, Celitron can easily provide different medical facilities in and outside of Europe with options and accessories that are most suited to the size of their facility and the amount of medical waste and equipment they need to treat every day.

These are the advantages you can expect by choosing Celitron’s autoclaves from Europe:

  • Win-win green technology: energy-saving systems result in lower operational costs, to make sure you get a return on your investment when buying autoclaves produced by Celitron.
  • A fully automatic steam sterilization process that can be launched with the push of a button
  • Self and remote diagnosis options.
  • Highly customizable sterilization cycle with up to 20 options to suit your needs.
  • External documentation is made easy with a PC connection.
  • All vital information will be displayed on a touch-screen LCD screen.
  • A 316L corrosion-resistant stainless-steel chamber for even more durability, ensuring a long-term operation for the sterilization of medical waste and tools.
  • Extra safety features – the doors of the autoclaves manufactured by Celitron cannot be opened while pressure and temperature levels are still too high. This prevents the door of the autoclave from being opened until pressure and temperature levels are normalized within the chamber.

Delivering class B autoclaves in Europe and all over the world

If you’re looking to get your hands-on class B autoclaves from Europe, you are in luck. Celitron only manufacturers type B steam sterilizers, which represent the highest quality available on the market.

In practice, this means the autoclaves manufactured by Celitron use a powerful vacuum pump to clear out all the air from the machine’s chamber before high-pressure and high-temperature steam is introduced to sterilize the load inside at temperatures ranging between 121 and 134 degrees Celsius. The reasons why these autoclaves are so popular in Europe is mainly because:

  • They are extremely reliable at killing even heat-resistant bacteria.
  • They can be used in laboratories requiring a level 3 biosafety.
  • They are more versatile (can sterilize more types of materials including wrapped and unwrapped medical tools, hollow items, porous items, as well as textile items).
  • They are easier and faster to operate.

What types of autoclaves can you purchase in Europe? What we offer as a professional manufacturer

No matter what size or model you choose when ordering autoclaves from Europe, all of Celitron’s steam sterilizers offer the same reliable performance when it comes to sterilizing medical tools and waste. What you need to take into account is how much available space you have at your facility to install the autoclave, and how much medical waste/tools you need to sterilize each day.

We offer 3 main categories of autoclaves to our clients in and outside Europe, with varying chamber capacities available to make sure you can find the most cost-effective solution that suits the needs of your facility.

1. Sting 11B small autoclaves – capacity: 25 liters.
2. Azteca AC medium autoclaves – capacity: 75 - 200 liters.
3. Azteca A large autoclaves - capacity 110 - 880 liters.

Another reason why our services are sought after as an autoclave manufacturer in Europe is that we also provide another reliable and green alternative to incinerating hazardous medical waste. For biomedical waste categories that need to be rendered to an unrecognizable state, we have manufactured a machine that combines steam sterilization with medical waste shredding. Our hybrid autoclave is also available to our clients in and outside of Europe – this is the Integrated Sterilizer and Shredder.

As a non-incineration technology, the ISS can be installed much more easily and can be operated at much lower costs at hospitals, clinics, plasma centers, blood banks, and even dialysis centers. It also emits no harmful substances and complies with all WHO and EU recommendations for medical waste disposal.

For more information on the products we provide as an autoclave manufacturer in Europe, you can find all the technical specifications related to our medical solutions on our website – just click on the link!

Should you have any questions or are looking for autoclave delivery options in and outside of Europe, feel free to CONTACT US! Our team of enthusiastic professionals will get back to you ASAP with a free quote!

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