The Celitron ISS AGRI provides a new process to recover solid proteins and fat from BSF (Black Soldier Fly), and other edible insects like crickets, grasshoppers, ants, mealworms, cicadas, moths, beetles, cockroaches and more! The popularity of bugs as an alternate source of protein is already growing, with already a solid demand around the world. Thanks to great nutritional value and environmentally friendly raising conditions, this demand is only expected to grow in the future. We’re here to help you invest in this lucrative business by providing you with one of the best on-site insect protein and fat processing equipment on the market!

Celitron has created a pilot Rendering Plant in Hungary, to demo our process for recovery of high-quality solid protein and fat from Agriculture and other Bio waste, BSF and other insects.


The ISS AGRI Facility is a new, unique agriprotein technology, with continuous and automated process system, that is perfect for insect protein production. Our plant includes the Integrated Sterilizer and Shredder (ISS), decanter, separator and dryer. Our process is described in more details in the following movie.

We invite any producer of BSF or other insects to test our process with his own products.

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The ISS AGRI Facility ensures an operation that is both user and environmentally friendly. After inputting the basic commands, the door of the vessel will close, and all you have to do is collect the separated and dried end-products that are perfect for insect protein powders! Our cutting-edge sterilization technology is combined with extremely powerful shredding blades, so there is absolutely no risk of cross-contamination: anything that comes out of our processing facility is completely sterile.

All this is done with absolutely zero harmful emissions to the environment, and no bad odors whatsoever, so you won’t even have to worry about your own comfort while using it! What’s more, we’re not even the only ones recommending this solution for insect protein processing: the ISS AGRI Facility is also conform with all EU and WHO recommendations in the subject!

In a nutshell, with its ease of use, eco-friendly operation, and undisputed efficiency, there is no doubt that this is one of the best equipment you can get for insect protein extraction!

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There are a lot of reasons why insect farming and protein processing are becoming more popular. Especially if you are already raising edible bugs, the ISS AGRI Facility can greatly help your business become a greater enterprise. Still, not matter the size of your current affairs, you will still find a cost effective solution by using our insect protein processing machine. Celitron can suit a lot of different needs, so you should definitely contact us, no matter the capacity of edible insects you intend to extract protein from!

Despite what you might think at first, edible insects are already in huge demand in a lot of parts of the world! In Fact, Europe could even be considered as some sort of a minority in the subject, since there are already more than a 1000 species that are eaten in more than 100 countries! This means that if you have the right equipment at your insect farm, you will already have a huge potential customer base you can attend to!


Even if the idea of eating insects as food is still considered foreign in modern Western culture, it doesn’t mean you can’t expect to have an even greater customer base if you choose to use the ISS AGRI Facility for protein processing at your insect farm. While people in Asia, Africa, and America already eat insects out of cultural habit, there are already people in Europe who are open for trying, or even swapping to insects as a protein source.

The main reason behind this phenomenon is quite simple: most edible insects have exceptional nutritional value, even when compared to traditional sources of protein like chicken, pork, beef etc. They have an extremely high protein content that can range between 40% and 75%. They also contain a high proportion of dietary fiber, contain essential amino acids, and are rich in fatty acids. Other studies have also suggested that there are also health benefits to eating chitin, like promoting gut health!

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Trying to eat more healthily, and being more conscious about nutritional intake isn’t even a new trend, and edible insects fit right in. People looking for organic protein sources, or even athletes are more than likely potential customers.

What’s more, humans aren’t the only factors in this equation. Edible insects are also finding their way to the pet food market as a great protein source, making pet owners another segment that can be targeted if you have the tools to produce insect protein based foods. Even more reason to go for Celitron’s ISS AGRI Facility!


Another popular trend among today’s consumers isn’t just being health-conscious: people are also becoming more and more environmentally-conscious about where their food comes from, and under what conditions it is raised and processed. By using the ISS AGRI Facility, you will also be able to tend to the needs of those who are looking for more eco-friendly sources of protein.

With insect farming, the health and environmental benefits are linked together. Edible insects like black soldier fly larvae, crickets, or grasshoppers just don’t consume as much resources as other animals do. They need a lot less water and land for the protein extraction process to be completed, which is already a huge contribution to lessen the environmental burden on our world.

These benefits can also be felt by those who choose to invest in insect farming, since they are also more economically viable to grow. Since they need a lot less feed to produce the same (or an even greater) portion of edible meat, this means you’re spending less for their upkeep, and can sell more edible products!

So if you already have a big farm, or are thinking about getting started soon, don’t forget to get one of the best tool on the market for insect protein extraction: Celitron’s ISS AGRI Facility!

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