Blood meal processing with an animal feed making machine?


Finding long term solutions for animal waste disposal is an issue everyone who works in the agricultural and food industry has had to face at some point. Thankfully, with the rise in popularity of on-site solutions, less and less farms and slaughterhouses have to reach out constantly for outside help in transporting their waste away. However, even among these more modern solutions there are still some that manage to stand out. For example, did you know you could combine the benefits of on-site animal waste disposal, animal waste recycling, AND a feed making machine?

Animal by-products and carcasses aren’t just waste: with the help of the right machine, you can recycle them into feed or even organic fertilizer for the soil of your farm or garden! In this article, we will discuss the benefits of one of the most widely used example: blood meal processing.

Keep on reading and we will tell you all about how Celitron’s ingenious agricultural invention can help you!

What is blood meal, and how does processing it help you out?

As the name implies, blood meal is basically a dry powder made from animal blood, and as such, is an easily available resource a high-protein animal feed, or an organic fertilizer rich in nitrogen. Incidentally, it is considered to be one of the highest natural sources of nitrogen. So all in all, its main uses are as a dietary supplement for livestock, or as a natural method to improve the quality of your soil. All you need is the right machine to process it…but more on that later!

1. The benefits of blood meal – animal waste used as feed

The collection of the blood itself happens during the slaughter of different livestock species, such as chickens, pigs, or cattle. It is then dried and turned into blood meal with a specific processing technique like rendering: this way it can be incorporated more easily into the rations of your animals. 

Blood meal has a very high protein content (about 90-95%),and is an ideal supplement for all livestock that live on a diet based on plant by-products, cereal grains, or different forages. It is also a perfect replacement for other sources of protein, and can be used to provide quality natural feed for poultry, sheep, swine, beef or dairy cattle, and even fish and silkworms! Not to mention it is a natural by-product that available anyway, and would otherwise go to waste. So why wouldn’t you use this opportunity to recycle it as animal feed?

One of the things you would have to look out for if you were to get your hands on a blood meal processing machine, you would need to use it as soon as possible, as blood is a highly perishable product. The drying and processing method is also especially important, since under- or overcooked blood meals aren’t as rich in protein and lysine, not to mention less palatable for animals.

Luckily, with Celitron’s animal feed making machine, you don’t have to worry about the specifics, which we will explain in more details in the last part of this article.

2. The benefits of blood meal – animal waste used as fertilizer

Blood meal has also very impressive nutritional values when it comes to feeding your soil and plants. As we wrote in the beginning of this article, it is one of the highest natural sources of nitrogen, with more than 13% nitrogen content, as well as 0.6% of potassium and 0.1% of phosphorus.

Nitrogen is extremely helpful for plants, as the lack of it prevents efficient photosynthesis, which is the basis for all plants’ survival. If your plants have pale or yellowish leaves, and grow slower than expected, then it may be a sign of them being unable to make their own chlorophyll. Thankfully, this is an issue you can quickly solve by using blood meal as a fertilizer!

Nitrogen also helps in improving the acidity of your soil, which is perfect for growing radishes, onions, peppers, and even zucchini. Using blood meal is also a great way to heal your soil when your gardening bed runs out of essential nutrients after a harsh season. Once you start using it, blood meal helps your soil return to its original balance, which in turn helps the nourishment of the roots.

Not to mention that apart from all these essential qualities, blood meal also has an aesthetic benefit: the enrichment it brings to your soil helps in keeping all your plants lush and green! This is especially impressive if you’re growing green vegetables like lettuce, brussel sprouts, or even kale. These vegetables can thrive the most in a soil rich in nitrogen, so if you use blood meal, you’ll notice how grateful they are by their green color!

This is how Celitron’s animal feed making machine helps you process blood meal

Now that we’ve covered the theory behind the benefits of blood meal, it’s time to get to the practical side of this subject. This where Celitron’s on-site blood meal processing and animal feed machine comes into play: the ISS AGRI Facility!

Just like we teased in the introduction of this article, this on-site machine helps you dispose of animal waste like blood, bone, feathers, and recycles it into a “meal” that can be used as animal feed or fertilizer. Blood meal processing needs to be done in a very specific way to be effective and profitable, but this isn’t a detail you need to worry about with the ISS AGRI, as the entire process is done automatically. You won’t even have to close the door of the machine: all you have to do, is collect the end-product, and you can already start using it!

ISS stands for Integrated Sterilizer and Shredder. No matter what kind of animal carcass you dispose of, through steam sterilization and powerful shredding, it will be completely sterile by the time you recover all useful fats and proteins from your animal waste.

Interested? Take a closer look at Celitron’s blood meal processing and animal feed making machine

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