Breaking ground: discover Celitron as one of the leading manufacturers of on-site medical waste treatment plants


There are many ways hospitals and clinics can benefit from having their own, on-site medical waste treatment plant.

For one thing, not only can they ensure a safe working environment for their staff and patients, but they can also fulfill the conditions of current environmental regulations. All medical facilities are responsible for treating the waste they generate and making sure it is disposed of in a way that avoids the spread of infections.

Off-site solutions are still very popular around the world, but even in developing countries, there are sustainable AND cost-effective solutions that are compact enough to be installed on-site.

In Celitron’s next article, we will tell you all about the benefits of using a high-tech on-site medical waste treatment plant like our own patented ISS (Integrated Sterilizer and Shredder) system!

What is a medical waste treatment plant? The manufacturer explains

Let’s start with the basics first. The term “medical waste treatment plan” usually refers to a facility that has the necessary equipment to prep medical waste for safe disposal. They make use of technology such as HTI (high-temperature incineration) or steam sterilization (with the use of autoclaves) to destroy all potentially harmful foreign materials that can be responsible for the spread of infections.

Medical waste treatment plants can be located off-site, but manufacturers like Celitron also provide facilities with more compact, on-site versions, that can be installed right at the site of your facility.

  • On-site methods can be much more practical compared to off-site methods since it allows facilities to sterilize their own waste to a harmless state. This makes storage much easier and safer and allows them to save on transportation costs as well since the waste will be already sterile and won’t be considered a hazard anymore.
  • This doesn’t mean off-site methods aren’t a valid option, since the priority is always to avoid the surplus of infectious waste at the site of medical facilities. However, in most cases, this means the waste will probably be incinerated, which can carry a risk of harmful emissions released into the air.

About Celitron: on-site medical waste treatment plant manufacturer

Celitron is a popular on-site medical waste treatment plant manufacturer whose products are recognized globally by doctors, sterile processing technicians, and other medical professionals.

Our autoclaves and medical waste disposal systems are present in more than 80 countries around the world, thanks to our global distribution network. Thousands of our steam sterilizers are being used in hospitals and clinics in most parts of Asia, South and North America, Africa, The Middle East, and Europe.

The headquarters of our on-site medical waste treatment plant manufacturer company can be found in Eastern Europe, Hungary. We are devoted to demonstrating excellence in all the fields of our business by working with the best global suppliers and providing effective solutions that most suit the individual needs of diverse medical facilities.

We believe using green technology isn’t just a duty, but also an opportunity that can be beneficial for all parties. Not only do they help preserve our environment, but they are also a great help in facilitating the daily work of medical staff. Energy-efficient also means cost-effective: our on-site medical waste treatment plants allow you to reduce operational and waste transport costs.

Our autoclaving and shredding solutions require much less time and space compared to be installed compared to on-site incinerators and are ready to be used right away after the installation is complete. Aside from Celitron’s instructions as a medical waste treatment plant manufacturer, there is no need for any special training for your medical staff to be able to use our system.

What kind of on-site medical waste treatment plant should I choose?

While there are also more modern on-site incinerators available that can greatly reduce harmful emissions (this is what’s known as “flue gas treatment”),these medical waste treatment plants have much higher capital and operational costs compared to autoclaves that use steam sterilization technology. Not to mention they require also much more space to be installed. This makes their use a much less realistic option for most medical facilities, especially in the case of developing countries.

Autoclaves are also known as steam sterilizers and as their name indicates, operate using high-pressure and high-temperature steam ranging between 121 and 134 degrees Celsius. This allows them to kill even heat-resistant bacteria. They are also much more user-friendly compared to incinerators. Facilities can choose among different sizes depending on their available space and the amount of waste and medical tools they need to treat each day:

Certain medical waste treatment plants can also combine steam sterilization with shredding to treat hazardous waste such as sharps that more basic models wouldn’t be able to handle. Waste such as sharps cannot be reused and needs to be rendered into an unrecognizable state. This can be done easily with solutions like Celitron’s ISS.

Making medical waste treatment easier and safer: the benefits of Celitron’s ISS

Celitron's ISS (short for Integrated Sterilizer and Shredder) is a high-tech on-site medical waste treatment plant that comes with many benefits.

  • Steam sterilization combined with shredding: By shredding waste, this allows the steam inside to reach every single part of the load inside the chamber, ensuring even more reliable sterilization for hazardous materials like sharps.
  • Easier waste storage and transportation: Reduced waste volume by up to 80%, drained of liquid components, completely dry and odorless.
  • A solution for every facility: Our compact medical waste treatment plant is available with different capacity chambers (25, 150, and 560 liters).
  • Cost-effective operation: Celitron’s ISS not only reduces transportation costs by reducing waste volume but also lower maintenance and operational costs thanks to advanced energy and water-saving systems.
  • Green operation: The Integrated Sterilize and Shredder comes with 0 risks of harmful emissions or bad odors thanks to a closed vessel system.
  • Easy and safe to use: The operation of our machine is completely automatic and comes with extra safety features that prevent the chamber’s door from being opened while pressure and temperature levels aren’t back to normal.

Celitron’s on-site medical waste treatment plant can be installed easily and doesn’t have sky-high operational costs. It also adheres to the guidelines set by the WHO and the EU.
Should you have any more questions about using the Integrated Sterilizer and Shredder and our prices: just CONTACT THE CELITRON TEAM!

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