Farm animal rendering: disposing and recycling animal carcass waste with the same process


Whether you work at a fish farm or deal with raising cattle, pigs, chickens, rendering farm animal waste presents you with a win-win solution: something both your business and the environment can profit from. While there are many animal waste disposal solutions, none are quite as effective at disposing and recycling animal waste within one process.

Of course, to do it, you will need the right equipment. In Celitron’s next article, you will learn more about the benefits of farm animal rendering, as well as how you can efficiently recycle and reuse all manners of animal by-products with our very own carcass disposal solution for fish and other farm animals: the ISS Agri Facility!

Farm animal waste rendering compared to other animal waste disposal methods

As a method of farm animal disposal, rendering stands out among other methods. Burial sites and incineration are both viable methods, but they do have certain restrictions which make them a less practical choice (burial sites have specific rule sets and incinerators can cause an air pollution issue). They are perfectly suited to remove your animal carcasses, but you do not get any value back from your waste, since they “only” serve to remove it from your site.

On the other hand, farm animal rendering plants are becoming more and more widespread as a waste removal solutions. Licensed waste removal companies will remove the waste from the site of the farm, and then transport it to a rendering plant where all parts of the carcass will be shredded. Compared to burial sites and incinerators, this is a much more sustainable way of treating farm animal waste, not to mention a much more profitable one, since you can get back useful materials used in the agricultural industry.

What are the benefits of farm animal waste rendering?

Rendering is another way to recycle farm animal waste and by-products unfit for human consumption to recover fats and proteins, which can then be used as animal feed or as a fertilizer. For those working in the agricultural industry, this is an ideal way to provide their livestock with quality nutrition without having to procure it from outside sources. The proteins and fats in the blood, meat, feather, and bone meal that are produced as a result of rendering are essential to the health of farm animals.

As a matter of fact, rendered animal products can be used as the basis for many other commodities, such as soaps, paints, candles, plastics, and rubber products. Since all animal by-products are sterilized at very high temperatures, there is absolutely no risk of any bacteria or virus still being present after the carcasses have been treated.

From an environmental point of view, all the landfills in the United States would be full in about 4 years without a rendering solution, which would present a huge public threat. Furthermore, rendering animal carcasses produces far fewer greenhouse emissions compared to composting and landfilling.

Are there any drawbacks to rendering farm animal waste?

Just like other farm animal waste disposal methods, rendering plants still require you to store hazardous waste at your farm before it can be transported away, and until the waste is treated, these contamination risks are present during transportation as well. And of course, you will have to pay transportation costs for your waste to be removed.

However, there is a way around these drawbacks with Celitron’s farm animal rendering equipment.

Rendering farm animal by-products for fat and protein with Celitron’s onsite carcass disposal equipment

What if we told you there is a way to render your animal waste right at the site of your farm or slaughterhouse? With Celitron’s ISS AGRI Facility, you can have your own sustainable, cost-effective onsite farm animal rendering equipment!

  • No need to deal with the risks of storing and transporting hazardous carcass waste anymore. You will be able to treat all animal by-products generated at your farm locally and immediately.
  • A cost-effective solution for the long-term: no need to pay high transportation costs anymore.
  • The rendered by-products you get at the end of the rendering process (meat, blood, feather, and bone meal) will be completely sterile, eliminating all contamination risks.
  • By being able to treat your farm animal waste immediately and more quickly, you can generate better quality proteins, fat, and oil. This means you can generate more value from your waste with the ISS AGRI Facility than with outside farm animal rendering plants.

How does Celitron’s solution for rendering farm animal waste work?

Our farm animal rendering equipment is based on our own patented medical sterilization and shredding technology which is present in hospitals and clinics all over the world. The ISS AGRI Facility is capable of treating whole animal carcasses, including cattle, pigs, poultry, and can even be used at fish farms.

Celitron’s onsite plant can provide medical-grade sterilization by using high-pressure and high-temperature steam that ranges between 121 and 134 degrees Celsius. It has a very small environmental footprint thanks to low energy consumption, which also means lower operational costs for your business. It also needs much less water to operate compared to other rendering solutions.

Furthermore, it emits zero harmful substances or bad odors and is compliant with the highest international standards for quality.

All farm animal carcasses will be rendered by powerful shredding blades, and then separated into solids and liquids, and will automatically dry the end-products you can use as either animal feed or organic fertilizer.

Managing animal waste and disposing of carcasses is an issue all farms and slaughterhouses are legally bound to manage. But this does not mean you cannot profit from farm animal rendering: Celitron’s onsite equipment not only provides an efficient and safe way to remove animal waste but also helps you work profitably by recovering useful by-products to be reused as either animal feed or organic fertilizer. Be sure to check out the specifics of the ISS AGRI Facility on our website!

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