How BSF maggots will lead the way in insect protein farming and extraction


While the thought of maggots as a source of protein might seem ludicrous at first, insect farming could very well revolutionize the entire food industry as we know it. Demand is already present for this new organic source of protein, which means present and future insect farms will also require the necessary tools for extraction and processing to be able to effectively produce maggot-based protein powder products. Among the many edible insects on the market, black soldier fly larvae certainly deserve a special mention.

In Celitron’s next article, we will discuss why maggots are almost certain to take a top spot in the future of the agricultural and food industry, and what the best equipment could be for insect protein extraction and processing!

The benefits of black soldier fly larvae from an ecological point of view

Putting aside its relevance as food for humans and animals alike, growing and farming BSF maggots for their protein can provide the meat industry with a much more sustainable method to feed the world.

More meat, smaller environmental burden:

One of the main issues of the present (and the future) is finding solutions for a reliable, global food supply for the increasing world population, as well as minimizing the ever present sustainability issues. Black soldier fly larvae could very well play a great role in such a solution, as they can produce more meat in a year than 130 acres of soybeans, or 3000 acres of beef!

More meat, less feed:

BSF maggots are also remarkable at converting feed into meat. They can not only produce more meat than beef, but will require less feed to do so! While you would need about 10 kgs of animal feed to get 1 kg of consumable beef meat, you only need 1.5 kg of feed to reach the same results with black soldier fly larvae!

Zero waste:

Since black soldier fly larvae eat so much, and aren’t picky eaters, they are also ideal for organic recycling: food scraps, pig manure, and even human waste can be a viable source of food for them. Not to mention that any waste that remains can be used as an excellent fertilizer for your plants: no waste will remain unused!

Easier to handle:

These benefits also apply to those working the farming of BSF maggots for their high protein content, since they are much easier to raise than normal cattle. They need a lot less space, a lot less feed, and even prosper in higher densities as opposed to all other animals who would suffer in the same situation.

The benefits of black soldier fly larvae protein as a new source of food

Of course, not matter how many benefits BSF maggots have for the environment, in order for them to become good products, they also have to be an attractive source of protein for humans and animals. By this point in our article, it might not come as a surprise that that’s exactly what they are.

Because of the way black soldier fly larvae grow and live (they eat about twice their body weight every single day),they are packed with energy and quality nutrients. They can contain about 43% of protein, and are rich in calcium and essential amino acids as well. Not to mention that among the people who have already tasted them, many have described them as being delicious.

Taking these into account, there is sure to be a huge demand for cleaner, more sustainable sources of protein among more environmentally conscious consumers, athletes, and even pet owners.

The best way for maggot insect protein extraction and processing?

What if we told you there are already modern solutions in place to make the most out of the quality nutrients that BSF maggots contain? Celitron’s ISS AGRI Facility is a prime example: with this cutting edge piece of equipment, you will easily be able to recover high-quality proteins and fats from all manners of agricultural waste, including (but not limited to) black soldier fly larvae. You can basically use it for virtually all edible insects, like crickets, grasshoppers, and even cockroaches and ants!

The technology is based on our highly popular Integrated Sterilizer and Shredder, which has already helped hundreds of medical facilities throughout the world. Using the same principles of sterilization and shredding, we have created our own “agriprotein technology” to suit the growing needs of the food and agricultural industry. Equipped with medical-grade sterilization tools, powerful shredding blades, as well as a separator, decanter, and dryer, you will be able to recover all essential nutrients and by-products right at the site of your insect farm: there will be absolutely no need for transportation.

Here are just some of the advantages of using Celitron’s ISS AGRI facility for BSF maggot protein farming and extraction:

  • Full medical sterilization cycle: by using steam at over 120 degrees Celsius to sterilize the “load” inside the machine, the ISS can effectively keep the ABP protein content of the insects. This enables it to secure the quality of the end-product AND neutralize all potential bacteria and viruses.
  • User friendly: the complete sterilization, shredding, and drying process is automatic. Putting a load inside the machine and the collection of the dried end-products can all be done within an hour.
  • Environmentally friendly: since the ISS is designed as a closed system, it allows you to handle insect protein processing without having to worry about air pollution. Not to mention this makes the whole working process more comfortable, as you won’t have to deal with unpleasant odors either.
  • Cost-effective: with small operating and maintenance costs, and low energy consumption, Celitron’s ISS AGRI Facility will allow you to focus on your long term work without having to worry about high costs taking too big of a cut out of your profits.
  • Utterly safe: thanks to automatic locking procedures, any unauthorized interruption is restricted.

As the world around us is changing along with consumers’ needs, it is clear the food industry will have to answer these challenges one way or another. From a clearly commercial point of view, it means that this growing demand will need a suitable supply of black soldier fly maggots-based products. If you’re interested in profiting from the not so distant changes in the agricultural industry, Celitron’s on-site solution for insect protein extraction and processing could be exactly what you are looking for!

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