How does a bone meal processing equipment work? The benefits of animal waste rendering


Trying to find an effective animal waste disposal method that works in the long term is challenge that everyone working in the agricultural and food industry must overcome one way or another. So, what if you could find a solution that not only allows you to dispose of animal waste quickly and safely, but also recycle it, such as a bone meal processing equipment?

With the increase of on-site animal waste rendering solutions, less and less agricultural facilities need to make use of outside contractors to transport the carcasses away. Since animal by-products can be recycled into bone meal and other forms of animal feed or plant fertilizer with the right processing equipment, this allows you to recycle your waste right at the sight of your farm or slaughterhouse. Therefore, animal waste rendering stands out as one of the most effective, green, and profitable disposal solutions today.

Read on to find out more about the benefits of bone meal and Celitron’s own bone meal processing equipment!

What is bone meal, and why should you care about finding the right processing equipment?

As the name implies, bone meal is what it is: bones! To be more precise, it is the ground up and dried powder made from the bones of farm animals like cows, pigs, and chickens, which were sterilized in a bone meal processing equipment to relieve them of all potentially infectious bacteria. Bone meal can then be used as 100% organic animal feed, or as a fertilizer for your soil and plants. Other end-products that are created with a similar method include blood, feather, and meat meal.

Bone meal processing is also part of an animal waste disposal method called rendering. This allows the recycling of farm and slaughterhouse waste that would otherwise be just disposed of at landfills.

In a nutshell, choosing to render animal waste with a machine like a bone meal processing equipment is a WIN-WIN scenario: it not only lessens the burden on the environment, but it also helps everyone working in the agricultural industry by offering them a profitable carcass disposal option. Making bone meal from animal waste is a highly beneficial process that provides the agricultural industry with valuable materials.

The benefits of using a bone meal processing equipment to render animal waste as feed

1. Quality nutritional value

Bone meal is an excellent source of vitamins, protein, energy, and minerals which are well digested by farm animals. The crude protein level for example can be as high as 50%!

2. Easily implemented in the diet of farm animals

Since farm animals like pigs and poultry are omnivores, there is no need to restrain them to a purely vegetarian diet. Even chickens in the wild look for insects as a protein source.

3. Much more environmentally friendly than other sources of feed

Compared to other types of animal feed like soybean products, recycling your own animal by-products does not put any pressure on the rainforests of South America.

4. Cost-effective access to animal feed

Like we mentioned before, caring about the environment also works in your favor: since you will be using the bone meal processing equipment to create your own feed and fertilizer from work you will be doing anyway, there will be no need to actively look for other sources.

The benefits of using a bone meal processing equipment to render animal waste as a plant and soil fertilizer

1. Rich in calcium

Calcium is not only good for the bones of farm animals: it is also beneficial for plants, since it helps keep their cell walls strong and healthy. In short, this helps promote sturdier growth!

2. Rich in phosphorus

As for phosphorus, it is also a vital nutrient in bone meal, since it plays a key role in the vital functions of plants, such strong root structure, as well as higher seed and fruit yield! It also helps with beautiful blooms, and even offers higher resistance against pests and diseases.

3. There is no need to constantly apply bone meal

Since bone meal breaks down slowly, you can think of it as an ideal long-term fertilizer that only needs to be applied once per year and continues to feed your plants as the seasons go.

4. 100% organic for better soil quality

No need to worry about unknown chemical components here. Not to mention that bone meal also improves the overall quality of your soil through the natural decomposition process by feeding microbes into the soil.

Celitron’s bone meal processing equipment: operation and benefits of the ISS AGRI Facility

Now that you know more about the potential benefits of using bone meal as either animal feed or as a fertilizer, it is time to talk about how you can implement them in practice. With processing equipment like Celitron’s ISS AGRI Facility, you can easily make the most out of rendering of all animal waste by-products!

This on-site animal waste rendering machine can help you dispose of and recycle all kinds of animal waste, even apart from bones, such as poultry feathers or the blood of other farm animals like sheep, swine, cattle, and even fish. The end-product you receive after the rendering process will be blood, feather, and bone meal, which will already be dried, and ready to collect. You can then use it as animal feed or a fertilizer!

The entire bone meal processing operation only takes about an hour with Celitron’s equipment, and it comes with its own energy management system (to operate cost-effectively) and CIP cleaning system (to automatically clean the ISS AGRI Facility every day). The entire operation is automatic and can be started with the push of a few buttons: the bone meal processing equipment will then proceed to separate the solids, water, and oil content of the animal waste inside, sterilize them with high-pressure and high-temperature steam, and convert it to dry nutrition.

The ISS AGRI Facility is based on Celitron’s highly successful Integrated Sterilizer and Shredder technology, which is already present in hospitals all over the world. For those working in the agricultural and food industry, it can mean all the difference in the world to have such a powerful bone meal processing equipment right at the site of their farm or slaughterhouse.

Interested? Take a closer look at Celitron’s bone meal processing equipment for animal waste rendering!

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