Insect-based protein for animal feed? A sustainable alternative for livestock and pets


There are many reasons why we need to discuss the benefits of using insect-based protein for animal feed.

There is a constantly growing demand on the market for livestock and fish feed that is rich in protein. Unfortunately, this demand is simultaneously causing noticeable negative environmental impacts, such as deforestation and a reduction in fish stocks. Soybeans especially require huge changes to the land to continue feed animals and the human population.

These turns of events have given rise to a new demand for alternate, more sustainable sources of protein. In Celitron’s next article, we will be discussing the benefits of using insect-based protein for animal feed, and how you can easily process right at the site of your farm with our user-friendly insect protein extraction equipment!

Why should I choose insect-based protein for animal feed?

From an environmental point of view, the benefits are clear. Processing insect-based protein for animal feed requires much less land, water, and labor compared to other protein-rich fodder like soybeans. The need to farm more land for soybean production has led to deforestation and the destruction of many natural habitats to convert them to farmland. The need for protein-rich fish meals has also resulted in a lot of overfishing in aquaculture.

On the other hand, insect farming requires a minimal investment, since edible insects like black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) require much less space to be grown, and also need much less fodder to provide the same amount of edible animal feed for livestock and fish. This is thanks to their much shorter life-cycle and higher reproduction rate, which also makes them a much more practical and profitable alternative in the agricultural industry. They will also eat pretty much anything, including manure and animal offal, which means feeding them is pretty cheap.

Especially since there are already pieces of equipment that can automatize insect protein processing, saving both time and money for insect farmers in the long run. You can always count on the next generation of black soldier larvae to keep production levels high at your farm.

Insect-based protein for animal feed: quality nutrition for livestock

Livestock animals require quality, protein-rich feed. Currently, the source of this feed is mainly soybean and grain meal. Thankfully, insects like black soldier fly larvae are not only more sustainable sources but also have an extremely high protein content: BSFL contain more than 3 times as much protein as soybeans.

Insects are also highly beneficial to the health of farm animals like poultry and pig, not to mention they are a part of their natural diet. Insect consumption can reduce stress and the presence of pathogens in poultry, and can benefit the well-being of swine during the weaning phase. A lot of edible insects contain essential amino acids, and their protein content can range from around 43% (in the case of black soldier fly larvae) to as high as 72% (e.g. buffalo and Molitor mealworm). Dried insect protein powder-based meals are also easily digested by livestock and fish alike.

The same benefits apply in the case of house pets as well: quality fatty acids and protein-rich feed also support the healthy growth of cats and dogs, making pet owners another “target group” for insect-based protein animal feed.

Insect-based protein for farm animals: sustainable fish feed in aquaculture

Aquaculture plays an even larger role in feeding the human population than poultry, pig, sheep, or cattle. It is the world’s fastest-growing animal production, which has unfortunately led to overfishing in many parts of the world. Fishmeal prices have increased a lot over the years due to the decrease of fish stock, meaning insect-based protein animal feed is not only more sustainable but will be a cheaper alternative.

Turning insect-based protein into animal feed is simple with the right equipment

To help you easily turn insect-based protein into animal feed, Celitron has developed a special onsite rendering plant based on technology that we have already successfully employed in the medical industry. With this technology, you will be able to recover nutrient-rich protein meals and fats right at the site of your insect farm, which can then be used as livestock and fish feed!

How does Celitron’s ISS AGRI turn insect-based protein into animal feed?

To turn insect-based protein into animal feed, the ISS AGRI uses a medical technology known as steam sterilization. Our onsite insect protein processing machine will use steam at temperatures way above 100 degrees Celsius, which not only helps ensure the end-product you get is sterile and safe for animal consumption but also helps you keep the high protein content of the rendered insects.

After the insects are shredded, the machine will automatically dry and separate solids from liquids, to help you recover fat, oil, and a dry insect protein powder to use as livestock or fish feed.

All edible insects can be treated with Celitron’s ISS AGRI, including black soldier fly larvae (BSF),crickets, cockroaches, and more. It can also render whole animal carcasses and still provide you with useful feed or fertilizer.

From the loading of the insects inside the machine, you will be able to get your insect-based protein within 1 hour!

The benefits of using Celitron’s rendering equipment to turn insect-based protein into animal feed

  • Treats all edible insects and whole animal carcasses
  • Cost-effective and sustainable operation thanks to low energy consumption
  • Easily installed at the site of your farm
  • User-friendly, requires no previous technical knowledge to be used
  • Extra safety procedures prevent unwanted incidents
  • Provides quality animal feed easily, without negative environmental impacts

As more traditional ways of procuring fodder for livestock continue to raise environmental concerns, more sustainable methods will have to be used to keep up with a growing population and an ever-present need for protein on consumers’ part. Insect-based protein for animal feed could not only lessen the burden on the environment, but still provide an easy way to provide livestock, fish, and even house pets with quality nutrition. Be sure to check out the specifics of Celitron’s ISS AGRI Facility for insect farms on our website!

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