Steam sterilizer autoclaves – Where to buy, how to choose?


Steam sterilizer autoclaves have been here for quite a while. Ever since their inception near the end of the 19th century, they have become one of the most popular on-site treatment methods for sterilizing certain types of medical waste as well as medical tools.

If you’re wondering where to buy one, Celitron has already supplied medical facilities in over 40 countries all over the world. But if you don’t know how you’re supposed to choose among the many variants available, then this article is for you. Read on and find out how to select the model most suited to the needs of your medical facility!

Steam sterilizer autoclave categories

Many features that are used to differentiate certain steam sterilizer autoclaves from one another can overlap with each other, but regardless, these machines can be categorized by:

  2. CLASS

1. Steam sterilizer autoclaves according to size/capacity

A clear-cut way to categorize steam sterilizers, but certainly an important one. Autoclave capacity and size are some of the most notable factors you need to consider based on the available space at your medical facility, but even more so based on the amount of medical waste or tools you need to sterilize on a daily basis.

Small (tabletop) steam sterilizer autoclaves

The capacity of these steam sterilizers commonly ranges around 25 liters (about 6,6 gallons). These small, compact autoclaves are ideal for smaller clinics that do not nearly have the same amount of space available as large hospitals. Small facilities also don’t use up as many medical tools, so choosing a bigger model just wouldn’t be cost-effective.

Medium steam sterilizer autoclaves

The capacity of these steam sterilizers routinely ranges between 75 to 200 liters (between 19,8 and 52,8 gallons). Perfectly suited for bigger dental and veterinary clinics, medical centers, or to be used as secondary autoclaves for emergency cases at the operating theaters of hospitals.

Large steam sterilizer autoclaves

The capacity of these steam sterilizers generally ranges between 110 to 880 liters (from 29 to more than 232 gallons). No better choice for the biggest of medical facilities who generate a lot of amount of waste and treat a huge number of patients, and therefore need an autoclave that can keep up with those numbers and still be able to deliver.

2. Steam sterilizer autoclave classes

The class of a steam sterilizer defines the quality of the autoclave. To be more precise, it indicates what types of medical equipment and tools you can treat with it.

Class N steam sterilizer autoclaves

The most basic steam sterilizers that are available on the market. If you only need to treat simple loads like flat medical tools it will certainly get the job done, but most medical facilities usually require more versatility. These autoclaves cannot remove all the air from their chamber and are therefore not suited for more complex loads.

Class S steam sterilizer autoclaves

While still not as fast and versatile as higher-class steam sterilizers, these autoclaves can already remove all the air from their chamber by using a dense wall of steam 3 times in a row to push the air out. This means bagged instruments and porous loads can also be treated.

Class B steam sterilizer autoclaves

Class B steam sterilizers are the defining standard for all autoclaves on the market. They use a powerful vacuum pump to ensure that all air is removed from their chamber, which is also a lot faster than the process used by the lower class S autoclaves and can treat the most types of materials including items in pouches, textile products, as well as hollow and porous loads.

They are also much easier to use, as certain models operate with a completely automated process, and use a microprocessor-based system and a touch-screen LCD screen to display vital information.

All of Celitron’s models fall under this category.

3. Steam sterilizer autoclaves according to their function

While the process of steam sterilizers remains largely the same, different models use different ways to let the high-pressure and high-temperature inside their chamber. They also need to be loaded differently.

Vertical steam sterilizer autoclaves

As their name indicates, these steam sterilizers have to be loaded through their lid found on the top. They are usually smaller autoclaves suited for cramped spaces in laboratories and clinics.

Horizontal steam sterilizer autoclaves

As for these steam sterilizers, they need to be loaded from the front. Horizontal autoclaves usually consist of bigger models with large capacity chambers. They take up a lot of space but are great for making the staff’s job easier by being able to treat large amounts of medical equipment at a time.

Gravity displacement steam sterilizer autoclaves

A commonplace steam sterilizer on the market: class N and class S autoclaves also fall under this category. Since these autoclaves rely on gravity and steam to force out the air of the chamber, they cannot ensure that all air leaves from it, and can only treat basic medical loads like flat surgical tools.

Pre-vacuum steam sterilizer autoclaves

Essentially a synonym for class B steam sterilizers: “pre-vac” autoclaves use a powerful vacuum pump to remove all the air from their chamber. This is not only faster but also allows the steam inside to penetrate every single part of the load inside. Therefore, porous loads, hollow items like syringes, textile products, and even larger pieces of medical equipment can be sterilized, and then safely reused in the treatment of patients.

Steam sterilizer autoclaves available at Celitron – reliable on-site medical equipment and waste sterilization, regardless of size

These are the steam sterilizer autoclaves you can buy from Celitron:

  1. Sting 11B small steam sterilizer autoclaves
  2. Azteca AC medium steam sterilizer autoclaves
  3. Azteca A large steam sterilizer autoclaves

Our on-site medical waste treatment solutions all consist of quality pre-vacuum, class B steam sterilizer autoclaves. Their benefits include:

  • Flexible capacity to suit the needs of all medical facilities
  • Consistent quality regardless of size and capacity
  • A reliable fast steam sterilization process that only takes about 20 minutes to complete (including drying the load inside) thanks to a powerful vacuum-pump
  • A completely automated sterilization process
  • Extra safety features: the door of the steam sterilizer autoclaves cannot be opened until temperature and pressure levels aren’t back to normal
  • Made of corrosion-resistant, high-quality 316L stainless steel, ensuring a long-term operation
  • Cost-effective and sustainable operation with energy-saving systems

There are many different kinds of steam sterilizer autoclaves you can buy on the market. Always make sure to check the supplier’s website for technical specifications, and consider how much and what kind of materials you need to be treated before making your decisions.

For more information on Celitron’s steam sterilizer autoclaves, CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE, or do not hesitate TO CONTACT US to receive a customized offer catered to your needs!

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