The role of cockroaches in high-protein insect farming and extraction


When one thinks about cockroaches, “quality source of protein” certainly is not the term that jumps into most people’s minds. Well, whether you believe it or not, cockroaches also have a huge role to play in the growing trend of insect protein farming and processing. With substantial environmental and nutritional benefits, demand is already present, and will likely grow in the future for alternate, organic sources of protein such as these.

In Celitron’s next article, you will learn more about what these advantages are, and what insect protein processing equipment you can use at the site of your cockroach farm!

Cockroaches and insect protein extraction: why should you care?

Eating edible insects is not a whole new thing. In fact, in many parts of the world eating them has been widely accepted for years, and they are becoming more present in the western world as well, and insect farms are already operating under strict hygiene standards under the laws of the food industry in Europe and North America as well.

The need for cockroach farms and the consumption of insect protein mainly comes from the current burden that the meat industry puts on our environment. Farming cattle, swine, and even poultry is unfortunately responsible for a huge amount of damage, especially since intensive farming has also led to the destruction of natural forests to grow even more animal feed in order to meet an ever present demand for more and more meat.

The benefits of farming and processing insects like cockroaches for their protein content

Apart from being able to relieve the pressure on our planet, farming edible cockroaches presents a lot of people with a win-win solution.

Those working in the agricultural can raise a new kind of “animal” that is much easier to raise and can yield more meat while also requiring less feed. With the absence of parasites and disease, they also allow farmers to reach a 100% yield, which is often an unrealistically optimistic projection when it comes to traditional farm animals. Edible cockroaches are also really good at eating waste: in some Chinese farms, a billion cockroach can consume about 50 tons of waste in one single day!

The basis for a profitable business is also present in an already existing demand, such as conscious consumers looking for organic protein sources, athletes, and even pet owners who may want to reduce their animals’ ecological footprint!

Celitron’s processing equipment for cockroach and other insect protein: how does it work?

If you want to fully harness the advantages of farming edible insects like cockroaches for their high-protein content, and meet the needs of those willing to pay for alternate meat sources, the technology is already available. To get quality products like cockroach protein powder, you will need a machine that can keep the excellent nutritional values of bugs like these. This is where Celitron’s processing equipment for insect protein comes in the picture.

At Celitron, we have extensive experience in developing sterilizing and rendering machines for the medical industry (such as autoclaves and medical waste shredders),and based on our successful results, we have applied the same technology for a different use. This is how the AGRI version of the ISS (Integrated Sterilizer and Shredder) Facility came to be. 

Here are some of the many advantages that insect farmers can enjoy by using this machine for cockroach and other insect protein extraction:

1. Completely user-friendly design and operation

Cockroach protein processing with the ISS AGRI has been designed to be as easy as possible, without compromising the safety and effectiveness of the process. This piece of high-tech equipment can be easily installed right at the site of your cockroach farm and uses a completely automated process to make it even more user-friendly for anyone handling the machine. The process itself only lasts about half an hour, and after, you will already be able to collect your “end-product” in the form of separate, dry, high-quality protein and fat!

2. Compatible with cockroaches, and other edible insects for easy protein processing

Another benefit to using Celitron’s ISS AGRI for insect protein extraction, is that it does not matter what kind of bug farm you are running. Whether you are raising cokcroaches, black soldier fly larvae, ants, or grasshoppers, this machine can process them all the same!

3. Medical-grade effectiveness

The effectiveness of the ISS AGRI can be traced back to 3 main steps: sterilization, shredding, and separation.

The point of medical-grade sterilization is not just about destroying all potentially harmful bacteria. It is about ensuring quality, as temperatures over 100 degrees Celsius also help in securing the nutritional value of cockroach protein, so that nothing is lost during the extraction process.

Shredding edible insects also allows the sterilization to work even better than usual, as every single part of the load inside the machine’s vessel can be treated. The rendering process also ensures your end-product is “unrecognizable” compared to the original forms of cockroaches.

Finally, with the help of a separator, decanter, and dryer, you can easily collect the end-result of this highly effective process!

4. Extra safety procedures

It should also be mentioned, that the automation of the process doesn’t just serve the ease of use of the machine: it also serves its safety. This processing equipment for insect protein comes equipped with automatic locking procedures to prevent anyone from interrupting the sterilization and shredding process while it is not safe to do so.

5. Sustainable and cost-effective operation

Serving the needs of the environment can also serve the needs of your business. Cockroach protein farming can remain green also by using Celitron’s ISS AGRI, as it emits no harmful substances, or bad odors whatsoever. What’s more, the low energy consumption of the machine also means that using it will help you run your business more profitably with low operational costs. 

All in all, even without the huge environmental benefits, farming edible insects like cockroaches is a business opportunity that those working in the agricultural industry shouldn’t miss out on, as insect protein processing can meet an already existing demand on the market. Make sure to check out Celitron’s solution for cockroach and other insect protein extraction!

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