This is how animal rendering companies take part in creating a sustainable world


If you have ever wondered about how companies like Celitron can convert animal tissue waste into stable, reusable materials, it is all thanks to the process of rendering. Any method that processes animal by-products into something useful can be treated as such. Read on to find out how you can benefit from it too!

The benefits of animal waste disposal through rendering

Animal waste (as you might have guessed) mostly comes from slaughterhouses, but restaurants, butcher shops, and even grocery shops produce their share of used grease and expired meat. Other by-products include bones, offal, fatty tissue, not to mention entire carcasses of animals that have either died on farms or at slaughterhouses. As a result of the rendering process – by drying materials and recovering the fat and protein they contain - companies can generate fat commodities and protein-based meals.

Since rendering essentially helps recover useful materials from animal waste, it can also be considered as a form of recycling, and a very sustainable one at that: it yields far less greenhouse gas emissions than other composting alternatives. Basically, using rendered products helps both you and your customers to reduce your environmental footprints. Just picture this: without rendering, the United States’ landfills would overflow in just four years, which would mean a huge public health threat!

Rendering isn’t just a matter of being environmentally conscious, since it contributes to the creation of a multitude of products without most people realizing the origin of what they’re using in everyday life. Examples include soaps, perfumes, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, deodorant, lubricants, shaving cream, rubber, plastic and leather products (furniture, handbags),paints, varnishes, crayons, and fertilizers. It also plays an important part in maintaining the health of all kinds of animals, by providing them with meals that are rich in valuable fats and proteins. Whether you’re a farmer or just someone who really loves their pets, rendered products can greatly improve their nutrition.

How animal rendering companies like Celitron can help you

In case you have any doubts, you should know that professional rendering companies like Celitron always comply with all applicable laws and regulation. This includes controlling food safety hazards, using ethical manufacturing practices, and complying with animal food safety rules. It’s no wonder so many consumers have confidence in soliciting the services of animal rendering companies.

And last, but certainly not least, especially with the help of an ISS AGRI facility, rendering is extremely clean and safe. By using high temperatures, this system can protect humans and animals alike against bacteria, viruses, and any kind of safety hazard, even if the rendered animal by-products count as hazardous waste. With its flexible size and ease of use, this ISS AGRI facility by Celitron provides an excellent technical solution to any business that requires an efficient method to process and recover valuable fats and proteins. There is absolutely no need for you to separate animal by-products manually, as the device does it for you, all within one single cycle. Even the discharge of the end-products is done automatically, since all different materials are collected in separate containers. All this in less than an hour!

For more details about how you can benefit from using the ISS AGRI click here!

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