Top 10 benefits of Celitron's stainless-steel sharps disposal machine


Having a quality, onsite stainless-steel sharps disposal machine allows medical facilities to have a practical, safe, and even cost-effective solution to one of the greatest challenges of the healthcare industry. Medical needles (also known as hypodermic needles or “sharps”) are used all over the world by facilities of all sizes – they are also one of the largest sources of biohazardous medical waste that needs to be disposed of.

Apart from avoiding fines and meeting environmental regulations, having a viable onsite solution makes a huge difference in keeping a safe working environment – both for your patients and your staff.

Celitron’s ISS (Integrated Sterilizer and Shredder) is a stainless-steel sharps disposal machine that can help you avoid the spread of infections and facilitate the entire waste management process at hospitals, and even smaller clinics as well.

Without further ado, here are the top 10 benefits of using Celitron’s ISS!

1. Our stainless-steel disposal machine is in full compliance with global standards

Celitron's commitment to adhering to international standards is one of the cornerstones of our stainless-steel sharps disposal machine. Healthcare regulations are becoming increasingly stringent, especially when it comes to the treatment, storage, and transportation of hazardous waste. By using the ISS, you can be sure that your medical facility will be in full compliance with EU and WHO recommendations.

2. Globally successful stainless-steel sharps disposal machine

The ISS has gained widespread acclaim globally, with over 500 units sold across 40+ countries spanning Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Operators and medical professionals have praised the ISS for its simplicity, convenience, and significant cost savings compared to conventional sharps waste disposal methods.

3. Scalability for diverse healthcare settings – A stainless-steel sharps disposal machine for facilities of all sizes

One of the standout features of our stainless-steel sharps disposal machine is its versatility. With models available in 25, 150, and 560-liter capacities, the ISS caters to the specific needs of various healthcare settings. Whether it's a dialysis center, laboratory, clinic, or hospital, the ISS offers a scalable solution, adapting to the unique demands of each facility.

This means that even smaller medical facilities can choose a solution that suits their waste management budget. The ISS allows facilities of all sizes to continue profitably. The whole point of scalability is to ensure that each facility can make its waste disposal process easier, regardless of the amount of waste it generates.

4. Stainless-steel sharps disposal machine based on eco-friendly, non-incineration technology

Celitron prides itself on providing ready-to-use green technology solutions for medical facilities all around the world. We aim to propagate non-incineration technology by ensuring that eco-friendliness does not come at the expense of ease of use or cost-effectiveness. Thanks to a closed vessel system, you also don’t have to worry about any bad odors whenever processing hazardous medical waste like sharps contaminated by blood.

5. Stainless-steel sharps disposal machine with cost-effective operation and maintenance

Celitron goes a step further in its commitment to environmental responsibility and cost-effectiveness by incorporating an energy-saving mode in our stainless-steel sharps disposal machine. This allows us to offer an economical solution for healthcare facilities. Activated when the unit is not in use for a certain period, this energy-saving mode reduces power consumption by approximately 12% to 30%.

The machine's inexpensive operation and maintenance contribute to long-term financial savings, making it a prudent investment for medical waste disposal.

6. Stainless-steel sharps disposal machine with a high processing capacity for swift operations

Efficiency is at the core of the design of Celitron’s Integrated Sterilizer and Shredder, with the capability to handle an average processable waste of 5 to 150 kg per hour. This high processing capacity ensures a swift and streamlined waste management process, enhancing the overall operational efficiency of healthcare facilities.

7. Environmentally sound volume reduction with our stainless-steel sharps disposal machine

Our stainless-steel sharps disposal machine also addresses the issue of space. Shredded waste is reduced to as little as 1/5 of its original volume without emitting harmful substances, contributing to environmentally responsible waste disposal, and freeing up valuable storage space in healthcare facilities.

The pre-programmed sterilization cycles cater to normal and mixed biohazardous waste, special hospital waste generated on-site, and glassware with large amounts of infectious waste. Certain models also have the flexibility to function as medical waste autoclaves without shredding, particularly when dealing with substantial amounts of textiles.

8. Stainless-steel sharps disposal machine with a user-friendly operation

Using our stainless-steel sharps disposal machine requires no special technician qualifications. The user-friendly operation ensures seamless integration into the hospital's waste management system.

The microprocessor-based control system of the ISS features a digital full-color touch-screen LCD display, which enables precise monitoring and control of all sterilization cycles. With built-in ink printers and SD cards for cycle documentation, the control system ensures high reliability, simplicity, and safety of operation.

9. Stainless-steel sharps disposal machine with extra safety features

The vessel of the ISS, constructed with precision, durability, and safety in mind, conforms to the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED). Constructed with high-grade (316L) stainless steel, our sharps disposal machine incorporates multiple safety mechanisms, including a safety valve, thermostat, temperature sensors, a water detection electrode, pressure sensors, and an automatic door-locking device.

10. Fully automated stainless-steel sharps disposal machine

Utilizing steam and electricity, our stainless-steel sharps disposal machine ensures the complete sterilization of highly infectious hospital waste onsite. The automated process, encompassing door operation, shredding, and sterilization, not only enhances efficiency but also guarantees reliability and uniformity in the waste disposal process.

The importance of shredding lies in its role in enhancing steam penetration, thereby improving overall sterilization results. The ISS is equipped with a motor-driven shaft and powerful shredding blade.,

After treatment in the Integrated Sterilizer and Shredder, the waste emerges sterile, with liquid components steamed out, re-condensed, and drained to a municipal sewer. This innovative approach eliminates the risk of contaminated wastewater, rendering the waste non-toxic, solid, and dry—safe for disposal as regular municipal waste.

Celitron’s stainless steel sharps disposal machine can make all the difference in handling one of the most hazardous types of medical waste. Aside from the assurance of having a solution that fits environmental regulations, the ISS is safe and easy to use and can be used cost-effectively by facilities of all sizes.

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