Date: June 20-22, 2018

During the VIV EUROPE 2018, we will introduce our new solution for animal by-product rendering.
The ISS AGRI Facility has been developed to recycle animal by-products (ABPs) of the agricultural and food industries. The system is designed to treat animal by-products, losses and animal carcasses, including poultry, fish, cow, porcine, sheep, blood, feather, bones which constitute a source of hazardous waste.
We can also provide more information about the Mobile ISS Agri. The Mobile ISS AGRI Unit is a RENDERING innovation, set to replace the agricultural industry’s use of mobile incinerators. With medical-grade sterilization and a significantly low energy footprint, the mobile units bring a completely new technology to the animal by-product rendering process.
Please find more information on the VIV exhibition website here: