Rendering Animal By-Products into valuable ingredients for the animal feed industry.

  • Flexible Size – From 10 up to 100 tons per day.
  • Small Footprint – Installed at the slaughterhouses’ production line, to save on storage and transportation.
  • Local and immediate treatment of all waste generated at the slaughterhouse – poultry, fish, porcine, red meat, blood, bones, feathers rendering, etc.
  • Lower energy consumption - shorter cycle time and the usage of a pressure vessel
  • High Quality End-product – Generating better quality meal and oil as a result of the immediate and short processing time of "fresh" material
  • No transportation
  • No Odor – Save on expensive treatment.
  • Save on Energy Costs on the animal by-product rendering process – up to 70%.
  • Savings of 50-70% on the steam consumption
  • Reducing evaporation by 80% and thus minimizing odor treatment

Slash your energy costs and reduce the steam consumption!

Are you spending more on energy than you should with your agricultural rendering equipment?
If so, you won’t be alone. Far too many companies are paying far too much for their rendering energy costs and steam consumption. Typically, traditional by-product rendering systems use up to 1.6 tons of steam for every single ton of by product treated. Invest in the ISS AGRI Facility and you’ll use a miserly 0.3 tons of steam for the same output.
That’s a reduction of nearly 80%!
For some businesses, this could represent a saving of USD 2,000,000 in a single year.

But there are many more benefits with the ISS AGRI Facility -

  • Less steam means less odour
  • It also means there’s a much lower chance of harmful bacteria being spewed into the atmosphere
  • The centrifuge mechanism used to separate solids from liquids, requires no heating - therefore less energy and a reduction in hot air expulsion of up to 80%.

Invest in the ISS AGRI Facility and you have the latest, modern agricultural rendering, which is not only fast and efficient, but will save you thousands of dollars in energy costs.

The ISS AGRI Facility - good for rendering, good for the environment and good for your business!

The ISS AGRI Facility has been developed to recycle animal by-products (ABPs) of the agricultural and food industries. The system is designed to treat animal by-products, losses and animal carcasses, including poultry, fish, cow, porcine, sheep, blood, feather, bones which constitute a source of hazardous waste.

The ISS AGRI Facility is a unique, continuous and automated process system, meat (ABPs) rendering system including sterilization and shredding in the Integrated Sterilizer and Shredder (ISS),separating solids, oil and water and drying, giving the opportunity to use the end result as dry nutrition within the animal food industry.

This unique rendering system contains three main units of equipment, the Integrated Sterilizer and Shredder (ISS),Decanter and Dryer, and some other sub-systems for the complete animal by-product rendering process.

The feeding of by-products and the discharge of end-products are performed automatically. The materials (solid, water and oil) are collected in separate containers for easy access and discharge.

The Integrated Sterilizer and Shredder gives full medical sterilization cycle (SAL 6log10) with steam at low temperature (121 °C) to keep the ABP protein content of the load, securing the quality of the end-product, and while neutralizes bacteria and viruses, it shreds the loaded material into pieces within a pressure vessel.

In the animal by-product process shredding and sterilization within one closed vessel is an essential, as it provides a safe working environment for the operator and for the technician during maintenance procedures and it also precludes the possibility of any cross-contamination in the rendering process.

The ISS has an integrated shredder controlled by a powerful drive to perfectly process all the solid parts and fluid.

The ISS meet all applicable requirements of international standards and directives for machinery, electromagnetic compatibility and safety (20016/42/EC – Machinery Directive, PED 97/23/EC -Pressure Equipment Directive, EN 60204-1 for Safety and EN 61000-6-2 and EN 61000-6-4 for EMC).

After the treatment in the ISS, the processed animal by-products are rendered non-infectious, non-hazardous, and are sterile from bacteria, viruses and prions.

From the ISS the treated animal by-products are automatically transferred to the decanter, which is a rapid centrifugal vessel, performing solid-liquid-oil separation.

After the separation, the solid materials are transported automatically to the dryer equipment, which release the moisture content of solid material.

The dried solid end-product, as dry nutrition is suitable to be returned as animal feed.


  • Protein – 74%
  • Fat – 10%
  • Ash – 16%
  • Digestibility – 90%

The full process from the feeding till the unloading is completed in less than 1 hour.

The system includes a complete Energy Management System capable of recycling and saving energy.

The ISS AGRI Facility also incorporates a cleaning system (CIP), which cleans the complete facility daily to the high standard.

In order to prevent air pollution, the ISS chamber designed as a closed system, that odors cannot come out. In each discharge point in the complex system an odor filter is in use.

Each of the devices within the system has its own control system and in addition there is one central system, that controls all system component for safe and reliable operation.

The ISS AGRI Facility is an ideal solution for converting animal by-products into reusable nutrition in livestock, slaughter houses and farms. Our ABP (animal by-product) plant is perfect solution for poultry rendering, fish rendering, red meat rendering, porcine rendering, feather rendering, blood rendering, bone rendering.

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Agri ISS Double Shuttle with Two Sterilization Tanks
Agri ISS Double Shuttle
Agri ISS Double Shuttle with Two Sterilizers
Agri ISS Double Shuttle with Two Sterilizers
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Agri ISS Single Shuttle
Agri ISS Single Shuttle with one Sterilizer and Mash Collecting Tanker
Agri ISS Single Shuttle with one Sterilizer

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