While it certainly sounds odd at first, cannabis waste disposal has become just as much of an issue as other types of biomedical waste. As of today, medical marijuana farming and grand scale manufacturing is a rapidly growing industry, especially in the USA, where it is expected to reach 5.1 billion dollars by the end of the year, in California alone! Sales could even go as far as 57 billion dollars worldwide in 2027, which is only 8 years away.

However, as is the case with any industry, faster growth also results in more waste. As such, any product or material, that contains cannabis, or has come into contact with this medicinal plant, and cannot be used any longer, counts as cannabis waste. Examples include oils, extracts, trimmings, as well as certain edibles. It isn’t considered hazardous in itself, but that won’t be the case at all if it has had any contact with chemicals, toxic substances, flammables, etc. Which is basically why cannabis waste management companies have also gained in popularity alongside the market growth of this medicinal plant.

The process of cannabis waste disposal is clearly specified by state regulations. Any and all cannabis by-products must be professionally rendered BEFORE the waste itself is transported by a licensed facility. Once that happens, organic waste like cannabis is disposed of in a landfill or composted and sterilized to be reused. The frequency of cannabis waste disposal always depends on the scale of the business you’re running.

Despite the theory being so clear-cut, putting cannabis waste management into practice is a different story. After all, cannabis being what it is, states impose strict rules regarding its cultivation, in order to limit concerns of abuse, including companies being required to report all activities related to cannabis waste disposal. Not to mention that before companies or farmers can even begin to operate, they need a cannabis waste management plan that adheres to all state regulations to acquire their license.

The problem is that there still aren’t that many options available to do so, meaning that getting a license can be much more challenging than you may think. One of the options is on-site composting, but because of the high costs of such a waste disposal method, it isn’t exactly optimal for smaller businesses. Thankfully, there are waste management companies that provide more cost-effective methods of removal that are just as effective, if not even more so. Examples include Marijuana Waste Granulators, machines that can quickly deal with marijuana waste disposal by efficiently granulating and mincing organic by-products, in a similar way to Celitron’s on-site solution to cannabis waste disposal.

However, the patented technology of the ISS 500 CAN presents a whole new level for on-site waste management. Based on the highly successful ISS (Integrated Sterilizer and Shredder),it isn’t just effective and safe, it is also extremely user-friendly: there is absolutely no need for any technical qualification to be able to operate it. If you’re looking for a quality solution to your cannabis waste disposal problems, why not check it out?