Autoclave machines: what factors play a role in their price?


Among the many factors one needs to consider before buying an autoclave machine, price is definitely an important one. After all, no one wants to spend more than necessary, but price tags should not be the only thing you to look out for before making your purchase, and they are also not the only thing that will affect the costs of using an autoclave machine.

In Celitron’s next article, we will be taking a closer look at the factors that affect the price of steam sterilizer machines, and help you decide which type of these medical devices is worth investing in.

Types of autoclave machines – why should not always look for the lowest price

The price of an autoclave machine can be affected by a number of factors, since all steam sterilizers can differ one way or another. This includes size, capacity, the materials used for building the machine, extra accessories, but most importantly class. Class defines the kind of materials that can be sterilized inside the chamber of a steam sterilizer, and plays a large role in autoclave machine prices.

There are no “bad” choices here: it all depends on what you intend to use the autoclave machine for. They are an investment for the long-term, and price should not be the only factor you consider.

A cheaper, lower-class autoclave can do its job perfectly well depending on the kind of loads you work with, but for more complex tools, a high-class sterilizer is well worth its price, and will make your work much easier. Not to mention that more sophisticated autoclaves sometimes have lower operational costs, making them an excellent choice for long-term use.

These are the 3 main classes of autoclave machines you will find on the market:

1. Class N autoclave machines

The simplest form of sterilizer machines, also making them the lowest-priced. They also do not use steam and can only be used to treat flat instruments such as scalpels. Cannot be used for bagged items!

2. Class S autoclave machines

This class of sterilizer machine already uses steam for sterilization, and can be used for more types of loads, but the lack of a vacuum pump hinders overall performance somewhat. While certainly versatile for their price, these autoclave machines cannot be used for textile items, lowering their use in clinics and hospitals.

3. Class B autoclave machines

The most advanced class of steam sterilizer machine that comes with a huge number of benefits for its price, which explains its popularity within the medical industry.

They are equipped with a powerful vacuum capable of both pre and post air removal. The 100% air free environment also allows the steam to better penetrate all kinds of loads, such as wrapped or unwrapped goods, as well as hollow and porous instruments. This jump in performance also allows for shorter drying time and total cycle time, allowing medical staff to work more efficiently.

Autoclave machine prices at Celitron

To receive a personal quote about the product (or products) you are interested in, feel free to CONTACT the Celitron team for more information, as the autoclave machine’s final price also relies on transportation and on-site installation.

As for the types of autoclave machines you can choose from, they are all categorized as B class autoclaves, and mostly differ by size and capacity. This means that whether you work at a small clinic or a large hospital, you will have access to the same quality performance that comes from the most advanced category of steam sterilizer machine on the market.

All of Celitron’s autoclaves come with a variety of features that make operating the machine easier and safer, so the questions you need to answer are mostly how much available space you have to install a steam sterilizer, and how often and how much waste and equipment you need to sterilize to be able to work profitably.

Our autoclave machine prices are also affected by the model you choose, since we offer several customization options within one category. These are the steam sterilizers you can choose from:

Large autoclave machines for hospitals

The Azteca A Series is the largest available category of autoclave machines at Celitron. Their big size and incredibly capacity of their chamber (ranging from 110 liters all the way to 880 liters) make them the ideal choice for large medical facilities like hospitals that need all the help they can get to treat the large amount of waste generated and tools used up each day.

Despite their weight and size, these large autoclave machines remain very easy to use by hospital staff thanks to a “one-touch operation”, and they work in a way that both fast and economical. The powerful vacuum pump allows sterilization cycles to be completed in about 20 minutes, and the sterilizer is also equipped with an advanced water and energy saving system to reduce operational costs.

Medium autoclave machines for hospitals, dental and other clinics

An intermediate option between large and small autoclave machines, the medium-sized Azteca AC Series sterilizers can still effectively serve the needs of hospitals, medical centers, or operating theaters, but can also be used by more moderately sized dental or other clinics to sterilize their tools and waste. The capacity of their large round chambers range from 75 liters to 200 liters.

Performance-wise, it offers the same reliable operation as our larger models, including safety features that prevent staff from opening the door of the steam sterilizer machine while pressure and temperature levels are not back to normal. This makes it much easier to prevent unnecessary accidents.

Small tabletop autoclave machines for the smallest of medical facilities

Last but certainly not least, if you work in a small clinic, then the most worthwhile autoclave machine you can choose price-quality wise is the small benchtop STING 11 B steam sterilizer. Even with its 25 liter capacity chamber it does not compromise on performance in the slightest, and any load that comes out of this small autoclave will be 100% sterile!

All in all, while costs are important, steam sterilizers are a long-term investment. To make the most informed and cost-effective decision, you should always carefully consider the needs of your medical facility and the specifications of the equipment you intend to buy. Do not hesitate to contact Celitron to know more about our autoclave machine prices!

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