Sharps and medical hazardous waste disposal

Medical waste shredder: the key to sharps and hazardous biomedical waste disposal

Celitron’s medical hazardous waste solution, the Integrated Sterilizer & Shredder (ISS), is a steam sterilizer with an integrated shredder, designed for on-site conversion of biological infectious medical waste in hospitals and clinics, complying the EU and WHO recommendations.

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Hospital waste disposal with large steam sterilizers

The Azteca A Large steam sterilizer family consists of fully automatic pre- and post-vacuum sterilizers / autoclaves, they can be supplied from 110 up to 880-liter capacity. Best solution for hospital’s central sterile supply departments (CSSD),  pharmaceutical and biotechnological applications.

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Electric Steam

Steam generator boiler

The Electrical Clean Steam Generator consists of fully automatic steam boilers designed to provide dry, saturated, stable and high-quality clean steam for medical steam sterilizers, autoclaves and washer-disinfectors in hospitals, clinics and laboratories.

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Airplane waste disposal machine

Quarantine and airplane waste disposal

Celitron’s airplane waste disposal system uses cutting-edge technology to facilitate airport recycling. By combinging the benefits of steam sterilization with powerful shredding blades, even the most hazardous airport and airline cabin waste can be treated with the ISS.

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Medium autoclave for dental and clinical waste disposal

The Azteca AC Medium Sterilizer family consists of pre- and post-vacuum sterilizers / autoclaves. With their large capacity from 75 up to 200 liters, they cover a large field of applications for hospitals, medical centers and Operating Theaters.

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Small tabletop (class B autoclave) for dental and other clinics

The Sting 11B premium small steam sterilizer is a highly efficient and mobile autoclave that doesn’t sacrifice quality for size. With a capacity of 25 liters, it is the ideal choice for more moderately sized clinics and other medical facilities.

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