Cannabis waste solutions: the correct management of leftover marijuana


Since its legalization in many parts of the world, the budding marijuana industry has grown significantly over the last few years in recreational and medicinal use. Still, as is the case with any other industry, production and consumption growth also results in more waste as well. Regulations can differ from county to country, and appropriate disposal methods are not always clearly defined.

In Celitron’s next article, we will cover the basics of correct management, as well as the on-site cannabis waste solutions that we suggest using for an on-site treatment that adheres to the current regulations!

What you need to know about cannabis waste management solutions

The legality of marijuana cultivation and distribution naturally differs by country, and in some cases different regulations apply to its recreational and medical use. As demand continues to grow in this relatively new market, those working in the legalized cannabis cultivation and processing industry can certainly profit from this business if they have the means to increase their production, but this is a process that comes with certain challenges as well.

On the one hand, cultivators need to find the right equipment with enough capacity to be able to work profitably, and on the other hand, they need to find a cannabis waste solution that adheres to the current regulations. This is often easier said than done, but Celitron does have a method for that, which we will discuss at the end of this article.

Cannabis waste is supposed to be processed into an “unrecognizable” state, which is usually done by grinding all leftovers and mixing them with other organic materials. Potential risks with this method can come with the lack of proper equipment, as growers sometimes use possibly hazardous materials to help the waste reach the unrecognizable state like bleach. Therefore, granulating machines and waste shredders should also be able to sterilize the waste, apart from being equipped with powerful blades.

The heavy responsibility of finding appropriate cannabis waste solutions

As for regulations, the greatest challenge remains the lack of a 100% clear guidance. Despite that, cultivators still must do thorough research when choosing a cannabis waste solution, to ensure that it applies with federal regulations. Terms like “destruction” and “sustainability” are still somewhat vague when it comes to describing marijuana waste treatment options.

Still, what is clear, is that the cannabis disposal process does not necessarily need to occur offsite. With the right solution (like a modern shredder machine),you can make this process much easier on yourself, especially if you can sterilize the waste at the site of your business.

It is also important to find a machine that uses a closed vessel for treating waste. This is not only important to protect the environment from harmful substances, but also because you must not expose anyone to cannabis smokes and vapor during the waste treatment process. Thus, for both safety and environmental reasons, you need to find the right “green” solution.

Incineration can work in some cases but finding one that is sustainable enough and meets all regulations can be no easy task. Shredders, on the other hand, are much more practical, cost-effective, and can provide options for further recycling and composting.

Just like the ISS 500 CAN.

Cannabis waste solutions from Celitron: on-site disposal made easy

Our very own cannabis waste solution takes the form of an extremely powerful cannabis waste shredder. Celitron’s machine, the ISS 500 CAN, is based on the unique technology of the previous ISS (Integrated Sterilizer and Shredder),a product which was met with great success in both the medical and agricultural industry.

So, what makes this on-site equipment so special, and how can you benefit from using it?

  • Think of the ISS 500 CAN like a high-end granulating machine. Our cannabis waste solution stands out with its effectiveness and capacity, as it can render up to 150 kilograms of waste within an hour and can store about 560 kilograms of waste to be processed. All parts of the marijuana plants can be treated and shredded, including the roots. Since all of this can be done on-site, you do not need to use special outside services to transport the marijuana waste away from your place of business, since all leftover and expired cannabis, extracts, unused oils, and tests are rendered completely sterile. Their disposal can then be handled just like any other municipal waste!
  • Another great thing about the ISS 500 CAN is that is particularly user-friendly. You do not need to worry about a needlessly complicated installation process that takes forever: this cannabis waste solution can easily be incorporated into your current waste management system. You also do not need to have any sort of technical qualification to be able to use it efficiently. Follow the simple instructions and launch the automatic shredding process with the push of a few buttons!
  • Safety also plays a big part in using this cannabis waste solution. The effectiveness of the ISS 500 CAN is largely attributed to the shredder working with extremely high temperature and pressure. In order to avoid unnecessary accidents, Celitron has made sure to incorporate additional safety features that prevent the interruption of the automatic process: as long as temperature and pressure levels are not back to normal, the door of the machine cannot be opened.
  • Sustainable and profitable operation is another great advantage of choosing Celitron’s cannabis waste solution. With low operational costs and an energy saving mode, you can employ a green method for handling marijuana waste disposal that does not unnecessarily burden our environment, and emits zero harmful substances. This also means you can work more profitably for legalized recreational and medicinal cannabis production: this shredder machine is designed to cut waste, not your profits. 

All in all, these are the essentials you need to know about marijuana waste management. It is still a relatively new industry that could still use more clear guidance about acceptable disposal options. Still, with Celitron’s cannabis waste solutions, you can make this process much easier for yourself, right at the site of your business. Make sure to check out our website for more details on the ISS!

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