Steam generator boilers: improving the efficiency of autoclaves?


Autoclaves have gained a lot of popularity within the medical field thanks to several factors like reliability and ease of use. However, their efficiency also depends on the steam source you choose for them, an element which should definitely not be overlooked when making your choice. In Celitron’s next article, we will delve deeper into the connection autoclaves have with steam, and why you should consider using a steam generator boiler, which achieves higher efficiency through “clean steam”!

The connection between the efficiency of autoclaves and steam generator boilers

By principle, autoclaves require steam to operate. By using high-temperature and high-pressure steam, they can completely destroy all kinds of germs, even those that would otherwise resist to heat. This is achieved by completely removing the air inside their chamber with the help of a powerful vacuum pump, which not only raises the pressure, but allows the boiling point of water (or in this case, steam) to go well over 100 degrees Celsius.

Their ease of use and efficiency have made them very popular in the medical industry (hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and so on),since they can serve a dual purpose. They can be used to sterilize medical tools, which can then be used again with other patients, and help make medical waste disposal easier and safer, by sterilizing infectious waste.

Why should I use a steam generator boiler? Choosing an efficient steam source for your autoclaves

The most common source of steam that medical facilities use for their autoclave is “house steam”. In other words, this means using the building’s already present boiler system to guide the steam towards the sterilizer machines.

Even in the medical field, this can be a good solution for hospital to sterilize their instruments, so the purpose of this article is not to denounce this option as “bad”. If your steam source is clean enough, an autoclave will do the rest of the job and make sure your medical tools and waste come out sterile. There are however scenarios where you should reconsider your steam source and opt for a steam generator boiler instead. This includes:

  • Not having enough steam pressure: autoclaves require a minimum of 50 psi of pressure in order to operate efficiently. If this cannot be achieved by your boiler alone, you should definitely choose an electric clean steam generator instead.
  • Not having the “right” kind of steam: steam quality is another crucial factor. If your building has too many impurities (either from outdated plumbing or poor water quality),then even the best autoclave will not be able to sterilize your equipment properly.
  • Not having access to dry, saturated steam: proper steam saturation means that your steam source needs to have a 0.95 level of dryness (steam/weight),and should not contain more than 3.5% of non-condensable gases.

Furthermore, whether you already have a steam source or not, there are other benefits of using a steam generator boiler, such as increasing the efficiency of your autoclave. This will be further discussed in the final part of Celitron’s article.

Why does “clean steam” play such a large role in the efficiency of steam generator boilers?

Conventional house steam can be considered “dirty” because of foreign particles that can come from metal, feed water, and certain chemicals. Like we said, this normally does not cause any problems even in medical fields, but if you are working in a lab environment, you will need “clean” steam that adheres to a level 3 biosafety.

It should be noted that remote steam generator boilers can only produce clean steam if they are made from stainless steel (316L, to be precise),just like Celitron’s Clean Steam E Series, which we will tell you more about in the next main part of this article.

Celitron’s steam generator boiler: high efficiency with clean steam

Even if you already have an autoclave in place from another manufacturer, Celitron’s clean steam generator is particularly easy to adapt and integrate into your current medical waste management system, regardless of the brand of the steam sterilizer you are already using. Of course, if you still do not have an autoclave, or are looking to expand the number of sterilizers at the site of your medical facility, you will find plenty of options at Celitron: whether you work at a smaller dental clinic, or a large hospital, we have models that can adapt to the needs of all kinds of medical facilities.

Apart from adaptability, there are many other advantages you can enjoy by choosing our steam generator boiler, such as:

  • High-capacity clean steam production: up to 280 kilograms’ worth of steam can be produced each hour to assist the operation of your autoclave.
  • Improved sterilization efficiency: you will be able to reliably treat even more complex loads.
  • Reduced sterilization cycle times: apart from better performance, you can also expect higher speed. With an abundance of clean steam at your disposal, it will take much less time for the steam inside the chamber to sterilize your tools.
  • Ease of use: the operation of our steam generator boiler is completely automated. There is no need for you to manually maintain the water level sensors.
  • Reduced wait time: with such a large amount of steam available, it will take much less time for your autoclave to reach the required high temperature ranges. This means it will be ready to use much faster.
  • Green solution: clean steam not only means better efficiency for your autoclave. It also means the whole process is done without emitting any harmful substances that would burden the environment.

To sum things up, there are many reasons to use a steam generator boiler to improve the efficiency of your autoclave: not only are they easy to use and can be integrated with most machines, but they also represent a practical way to gain access to a clean source of steam. Of course, apart from choosing the right steam source, one also needs to choose the right autoclave machine for the job, so do not hesitate to make your choice from Celitron’s large choice of small, medium, and large steam sterilizers!

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