Solution for the safe disposal of dead animals and disease control


As shown by the current scale of the coronavirus, without proper sterilization equipment and effective carcass disposal options, if diseases originating in animals are left unchecked, they can easily lead to pandemics. Since the G4 EA H1N1 African swine flu fever strain can spread from pigs to humans, there is a risk that those who work in the agricultural industry could spread the disease over China’s borders. While the situation definitely needs to be taken seriously, there is still no immediate threat, and there are already several solutions available for the safe disposal of dead animals and disease control. Companies like Celitron use state of the art equipment with medical-level sterilization – like the MOBILE AGRI Unit - to ensure the safety of swine workers, and to stop infections like the H1N1 swine flu from spreading further.

Bloomberg’s article also reflect on the chance of pandemic because swine flu could infect people