• Large capacity round chamber – from 75 up to 200 liters.
  • Focused design – the 75 liters unit fits exactly 1 STU.
  • Easy to use – one touch operation.
  • Fast and economical – sterilization cycles from 21 minutes with advanced water and energy saving systems.
  • Best solution – for dental, veterinary and small clinics, hospitals and medical centers and as secondary sterilizers for emergency cases at Operating Theaters.

The Azteca AC steam sterilizer family consists of pre- and post-vacuum sterilizers, autoclaves, designed with the highest quality for sterilization of wrapped or unwrapped goods such as fabrics, surgical instruments, utensils, and other heat and moisture stable materials. With their large capacity from 75 up to 200 liters they cover a large field of applications for dental, veterinary and small clinics, hospitals and operating rooms (OR).

These models have been sold to 40+ countries in Europe, the Middle East, Latin-America, Africa and Australia, and are highly recommended by doctors and professionals.

All components used have been selected with proper attention, meeting the highest quality standards’ requirements from known leading companies with the most advanced technologies around the world.

The construction of these autoclaves is modern, ensuring reliable operation, incorporating high-tech features. Behind its success is a team of multi-disciplinary engineers, who have developed sterilization equipment on OEM basis for leading manufacturers in the world, for more than 20 years. 

The vessel is a heated jacketed round chamber, made of corrosion resistant stainless steel 316L, which conforms to the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED). The highly efficient, high quality Hanno-Tech insulation material releases no particles; thus, the Azteca AC steam sterilizers can be used under clean room conditions. The advanced insulation technology further contributes to the high energy efficiency of the sterilizer units.

The autoclave is supplied with either 1 or 2 hinged door(s) with an automatic door locking device. Special safety features prevent the operator from opening the door when the chamber is pressurized or when the temperature is high.

The Azteca AC steam sterilizers use steam under pressure as the sterilizing agent at temperatures ranging from 121°C to 134°C. The units are standard equipped with internal steam generators to enable faster cycles with low energy consumption. The large capacity of the heaters inside the steam generator enables steam to always be ready for operation.

The air removal is done by a powerful vacuum system, using a liquid ring vacuum pump and a condenser, heat exchanger.

All autoclaves are standard supplied with a water saving system to reduce the amount of water during the sterilization cycles.

Through the numerous safety features, the Azteca AC steam sterilizers meet the highest standards and requirements for quality, safety and operation (EN 285 – Large Steam Sterilizers standard; Pressure Equipment Directive (PED); Medical Device Directive MDD 93/42/EEC; EN 60601-1, EN 61010-1 and EN 61326 safety standards, etc. and CE approved). 

A microprocessor based control system; state of the art Freescale technology automatically controls all operations. The system includes a digital color touch-screen LCD display, communication, self and remote diagnosis and PC connection for external documentation and printing, ensuring a reliable, safe and user-friendly operation. The displayed information is available for users in a variety of languages.

Azteca AC Series offer 7 preset cycles, 5 sterilization cycles and 2 test cycles to assure a proper sterility level. Up to totally 20 cycles can be custom designed according to the users’ needs. 

With a range of accessories these autoclaves can be easily customized according to the customer’s requirements. 

The modular design of all internal and external components together with the self-diagnostic system ensures easy maintenance, resulting in reliable service and performance and satisfied operators.

Within the health-care services, sterilization of medical supplies is an essential issue in the battle against the advance of many infectious diseases. In order to improve the quality of this supply, international standards have been developed, which specify the requirements for the equipment, and procedures in the sterilization departments in health care facilities. Celitron’s Azteca AC autoclaves provide the best solution for dental, veterinary and small clinics, hospitals and as secondary sterilizers for emergency cases in operating rooms (OR).

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Model Azteca AC Series AC-450 AC-470 AC-575 AC-5100
Chamber dimensions,
Inner Dia. x Depth
400 x 670 mm 400 x 750 mm 500 x 700 mm 500 x 1000 mm
Chamber volume 75 l 90 l 150 l 200 l
External dimensions W x H x D 750 x 630 x 970 mm 850 x 730 x 1050 mm 850 x 730 x 1300 mm
Approximate Weight 160 kg 170 kg 200 kg 240 kg
Power supply** 3 ph. 380-400 V, 50/60 Hz
Power with steam generator 7 kW 9.9 kW 12 kW
Available sterilization cycles Flash 134 °C / Unwrapped 134 °C / Wrapped 134 °C / Prion 134 °C / Porous 121 °C
Available test cycles Bowie & Dick test / Vacuum test
Touch-screen display LCD 5.7’’ Color Graphic
Cabinet Painted quality steel Stainless steel
**Adjustable to different voltage system

Options and Accessories – Customize Your Autoclave

Built-in ink printer for Azteca AC autoclavePrinter – Each cycle is documented by the integrated printer which records the preset and actual parameters of the cycle: the selected sterilization or test cycle, cycle parameters, date, time, temperature, pressure, errors, etc.
SD card option inbuilt to record the sterilization cycle dataSD card – Sterilization cycles’ data can be collected online on a SD Card through an optional SD Card Slot. Collected data can be downloaded into a computer equipped with proprietary PC Software.
Pressure gauge – Analog pressure gauge installed on the front of the sterilizer machine to indicate chamber/jacket/steam generator pressure in addition to the LCD Display.
Air detector – To check and detect insufficient air-removal and non-condensable gases in the steam.
Water purification system with reverse osmosis for generating quality steamReverse osmosis system (water softener / water purifier) – A Reverse Osmosis system shall be used to improve the quality of the water used to generate steam in the electric steam generator and to secure fully automatic operation. The use of mineral-free water will contribute to better performance and longer life of the autoclave’s chamber.
Slow exhaust cycle – For sterilizing liquids according to EN285, with natural cooling and an additional PT100 temperature probe.
Software for logging and control over the steam sterilizerHMI PC software (Monitoring and Documentation Software) – Powerful PC Windows based software is available for monitoring, logging sterilization cycle parameters, and providing complete control and service over the autoclaves.
Stainless steel cabinet functioning as a table or desk under the autoclave with storage placeCabinet – Stainless steel standing or rolling cabinet with storage area under the unit
Chamber plate for sterilization containersChamber plate – To accommodate sterilization baskets or containers inside the chamber and to prevent scratches on the chamber’s surface.
Stainless steel perforated trays for placing surgical instruments into the autoclaveTray holder and trays – Stainless steel tray holder with up to 4 trays.
Sterilization containers and wire mesh sterilization baskets in 1/1 or 1/2 sizesSterilization containers and wire mesh baskets – Aluminum sterile containers and stainless steel, stackable wire mesh baskets are available in different sizes.
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The 75-liter autoclave model fits exactly 1 STUSterilizing surgical instruments with vacuum sterilizer in medical centers and clinics