Celitron’s solution for handling quarantine and airplane waste disposal, the Integrated Sterilizer and Shredder (ISS) is basically an autoclave equipped with its own shredding mechanism. It has been designed for the on-site treatment of all kinds of airline cabin waste, and even the airports’ hazardous waste doesn’t pose a challenge for this extremely modern system. Celitron’s ISS also complies with all EU and WHO recommendations for waste management.

Our airline cabin waste disposal system comes in different varieties, making it suitable for all kinds of airports and airlines. Depending on your needs, you may choose between our 25, 150, and 560-liter capacity model. The ISS has moved far beyond using incineration as a solution, and such is much more environmentally friendly. Not to mention that airlines and airports that use the ISS can not only reduce their waste disposal costs, but can also greatly reduce cross-contamination risks, as the entire process is handled inside one lone vessel.

This makes our quarantine waste removal system much more practical to use, as well as being a cheaper method in the long run!

Average processable waste

5 - 150kg / h

Easy to Operate

No need for special technician qualification.

Environmentally Sound

Shredded waste is reduced to as little as 1/5 its original volume, without emitting harmful substances.


Inexpensive operation and maintenance.

Totally Safe

Automatic locking door prohibit unauthorized interruption.

Easily and Quickly Installed

Easy to adapt and integrate into the hospital’s waste management system.

The process of airplane and quarantine waste disposal

All of our cabin and plane waste disposal systems use steam and electricity as a resource (and nothing else) to treat even hazardous airport waste on-site. All this without emitting any kind of harmful substance whatsoever. The entire operation has been automated: the ISS will automatically sterilize and shred the waste, you won’t even have to open or close the door thanks to the automatic locking mechanism. Cleaning is also automatic with the internal sprinklers of the machine.

The Integrated Sterilizer and Shredder also functions as a cleaning and galley waste disposal unit, so it doesn’t matter whether you want to use it for treating the content of washroom bins, medical waste, or liquid waste. All liquid components of quarantine waste are first steamed out of the machine, to be re-condensed and drained to a municipal sewer.

Since any content you put inside the ISS is dehydrated, you can completely avoid the risk of contaminated wastewater. After the airline waste leaves the shredder, it is completely sterile, making its disposal and recycling much easier, since you can treat like any other kind of municipal garbage: in its rendered state it is free from any infection risk and toxic materials, as well as being solid and dry.

The time it takes for the steam sterilization and shredding cycle to reach will depend on the model you choose to help you with your quarantine waste removal and recycling, as well as the volume of the load you put inside the ISS. It can even be as fast 15-35 minutes!


You can find all the capacity details and other figures of the units here.

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Features of our quarantine and airplane waste disposal system

One of the other great benefits to using the Integrated Sterilizer and Shredder, is that it can reduce the volume of aircraft waste down to 20%, making its disposal even easier. Shredding also helps the steam sterilization phase of the process, since it makes it easier for the steam to penetrate all parts of the airport waste.

All cycles of the ISS are automatically controlled by a microprocessor-based control system, which includes a digital display showing the time, the temperature inside the chamber, as well as the status of the airline waste sterilization status. Cycle documentation is facilitated with the built-in ink printer and SD card.

Numerous safety features (safety valve, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, water detection electrode) also add to the high-quality standards of the ISS, and all of our models are equipped with an energy saving mode that activates when our quarantine waste disposal unit hasn’t been in use for a while.

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