A solution for dialysis waste disposal – handing the removal of hazardous medical waste onsite

The correct and safe disposal of medical waste is a challenge that all medical facilities must face, and dialysis centers are no different. In Celitron’s next article, we will discuss the importance of safely handling potentially infectious and hazardous medical waste products such as dialysis waste, and the benefits of using a cutting-edge disposal solution.

The role of cockroaches in high-protein insect farming and extraction

When one thinks about cockroaches, “quality source of protein” certainly is not the term that jumps into most people’s minds. Well, whether you believe it or not, cockroaches also have a huge role to play in the growing trend of insect protein farming and processing. In Celitron’s next article, you will learn more about what these advantages are, and what insect protein processing equipment you can use at the site of your cockroach farm!

About the mad cow disease: this is how safe cattle carcass disposal is possible

Running a farm or a slaughterhouse is not an easy business. With strict environmental regulations to follow, as well as potential risks that reduce the yield of consumable products farmers need to be on their toes to keep the business running. One such potential risk is disease, and for those raising cattle, the mad cow disease is one of the greatest dangers they can face.

Slaughterhouse rendering: the best way to dispose of carcass waste?

Safe and efficient carcass waste disposal is a major challenge that those working in the agricultural industry must face. Whether you deal with poultry, sheep, swine, or cattle, all livestock can be a potential source of hazardous farm waste, whether they have been affected by a disease or not. However, with many more modern solutions available for carcass disposal, the removal of such waste needn’t only be about respecting regulations: methods like slaughterhouse rendering can also be about rec

How should healthcare facilities handle COVID waste disposal?

As of October 14th the number of coronavirus cases has reached 38 404 206, with over a million recorded deaths worldwide. This new pandemic has put extra strain on the healthcare facilities of many countries as they have to deal with an increased amount of patients, and thus, an increased amount of medical, COVID related waste as well. Disposal has always been an issue, but capacity will be that much more important for many hospitals and clinics.