Clean steam generators in 2018

Clean steam generators in 2018 - innovations and their impact in medical field
A clean, sterilized and germ free environment is crucial for smooth operation of any hospital, clinic or any other healthcare institution – after all you want to get your patients better not worse, right? Sterilization is absolutely crucial for prevention of spread of infectious diseases.

Why the Integrated Sterilizer & Shredder?

The healthcare system is designed to prolong life expectancy of patients and enhance their quality of life. Unfortunately, healthcare activities that aim to save lives lead to the generation of large amount of medical waste products. Of the total amount of medical waste products that are produced in each year, 85% of them are categorized as general non-hazardous waste, while the remaining 15% are known to be hazardous to human health.

Green Technologies and Celitron’s Medical Waste Solution in Columbia

Advancements in medical technology have created better conditions and results for patients, physicians as well the environment. Celitron Medical Technologies is a well-known name in this field due to their focus on developing and producing medical sterilization equipment.

How to Choose the Right Size Autoclave – BLOG | CELITRON

Autoclave machines come in such a wide variety of formats, footprints, and sizes today; it can be hard to know which size to purchase for your hospital facility or laboratory. Given that an autoclave is a fairly expensive piece of kit though, it’s important to consider carefully and make sure you’re getting the right one to meet your needs.

Good Manufacturing Process in Vaccine Production

The production and process control of vaccines are different from those of conventional pharmaceutical products. However, the process is still based on the general principles of good manufacturing process.