Autoclave definition and meaning – the different uses of steam sterilizers

Autoclaves are among the most effective sterilization methods nowadays, and are used in a wide variety of industries, notably the medical field. Celitron’s models, for example, are already present in more than 40 different countries over the world. Despite such popularity, there are still many facilities out there who are not completely up-to-date about the exact definition and meaning of autoclaves.

A podiatry autoclave guide by Celitron – what is the right steam sterilizer for your clinic?

Autoclaves are among the most prominent methods of medical tool and equipment sterilization, and can be seen in facilities all over the world, including hospitals, dental and veterinary clinics, pharmacies, operating theaters, and even dialysis centers. Celitron can fully attest to their popularity, as we have already sold our autoclave machines in more than forty countries!

These are the steps of autoclave sterilization process you need to know about

Autoclaves are true marvels of modern technology that continue to help the work of the medical industry each day. Celitron’s work can also confirm this: our steam sterilizers are already present in over 40 countries and have been recommended by sterile processing technicians and doctors alike. But what do hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and other medical facilities need to know about before choosing an autoclave?

Mealworm insect protein - the farming and extraction of the food of the future

Putting the “meal” in “mealworm” isn’t as outlandish as you might think. As more issues arise about the environmental pressure the traditional meat industry puts on the planet, the global food supply, as well as the increasing world population, insect protein farming and processing is seen by many as the necessary next step to minimize the impact of these complications.

How BSF maggots will lead the way in insect protein farming and extraction

In Celitron’s next article, we will discuss why maggots are almost certain to take a top spot in the future of the agricultural and food industry, and what the best equipment could be for insect protein extraction and processing!